Miyerkules, Agosto 14, 2019

Making life easier through digital transactions: Posible

With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, many Filipinos are left with little time to do small but important errands, such as paying utility bills or sending money to loved ones. However, thanks to the wonders of financial technology or “fintech,” it is now possible to accomplish such everyday tasks with ease, immediacy, and convenience.

Not only does Posible make life easier for customers, it also offers an additional livelihood for small to medium entrepreneurs. From bakeries and pawnshops to Internet cafes and laundry shops—any enterprise can earn additional income by becoming a Posible operator. 

Posible’s a network of Android-based digital devices empowers friendly neighborhood stores to accept and accomplish various financial transactions. Whether as the main service offering or a complimentary side business, Posible offers opportunities for entrepreneurs to expand their products and services and cater to the needs of unbanked and underbanked Filipinos. 

All these fintech innovations power local communities to the future of digital finances. More features and services, such as buying tickets, mobile app pins, and even microinsurance will be made possible soon on the Posible platform. Posible devices are also equipped with a magnetic stripe, as well as QR code reader, making it adaptive to developments in digital financial transactions. 

Now, paying bills, sending money, and other digital financial solutions are even more accessible with Posible!

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