Martes, Enero 26, 2021

Hospitality 2.0: Hotel Sogo’s Innovation in Post-Covid-19

Hospitality 2.0:Hotel Sogo’s Innovation in Post-Covid-19

The world is facing an economic, health, and social crisis due to Coronavirus (CoVid-19), which is identified as an illness caused by a virus that can spread from person to person. Truly, this CoVid-19 pandemic shook the hotel industry really hard, and turned many hotel businesses upside down, especially here in the Philippines. 

As we all know the hotel industry is designed to operate and accept guests 24/7. But because of this pandemic, travel restrictions were put in place to control the further spread of the virus. 

In line with that, Hotel Sogo, the largest hotel chain in the Philippines, utilized this pandemic as an opportunity for innovation.  Hotel Sogo unveiled new measures to re-establish confidence in the hotel industry as they adapt to the “new normal” state. 

Innovation as its finest
As part of their “So Clean, So Good, So Safe” campaign under its Sogo So Safe Program, concrete ways were made to increase its cleanliness standards to meet the new health and safety challenges brought on by this pandemic.

Take a look at their innovation during this post CoVid-19 giving their patrons a So Clean, So Good, So Safe stay.

Anti-Microbial Copper Films
To increase everyone’s safety, Hotel Sogo installed Microbial Copper infrequently touched surfaces of the hotel.

Hospitality 2.0:Hotel Sogo’s Innovation in Post-Covid-19

3M Filtrete™ Electrostatic Air Filters in All Rooms
Sogo started installing 3M Filtrete™ 3-in-1 Technology Aircon Filters in all rooms to augment its regular aircon filters. These are made with permanently-charged electrostatic fibers that remove Microparticle pollutants that include fine dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, bacteria, and viruses, resulting in cleaner air. 

Hospitality 2.0:Hotel Sogo’s Innovation in Post-Covid-19

UVC Disinfection
Hotel Sogo is also implementing ultraviolet light technology for sanitizing cash registers, keycard cases, elevator buttons, and its ceiling, room door handles, as well as in food preparation for enhanced cleaning and disinfection processes.

With the use of UVC-light for disinfection, you are safe to stay at any Hotel Sogo branches as UVC cleans 99.99% of harmful pathogens, bacteria, and viruses in seconds.

No-Contact Hotel Features
As we develop more changes this new normal, Hotel Sogo has innovated all its branches in having no-contact facilities like a contactless thermal detector,  automatic doors, and developed the use of SaniKey for door handles, elevators buttons, and ATMs to lessen contact points and reduce the risk of virus transmission.

Microbial testing
Hotel Sogo makes sure that cleaning is accurate and effectively sanitized which gives proven results in just minutes.

So Clean…So Good…So Safe!

Hotel Sogo continuously vows to protect and provide excellent accommodation despite the CoVid-19 danger. 
“We promise to protect our staff and our guests who will visit our hotels, we are ready for new normal and this is a long-term commitment. This virus won’t stop each of us to create wonderful memories with our loved ones. Together, let us enjoy our stay in Hotel Sogo.” ~Mr. Reynaldo Malaca, Hotel Sogo CEO 
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Huwebes, Enero 7, 2021

Herbalife Nutrition’s Dr. Vuiniski Talks About Aging Healthily and Beautifully


Herbalife Nutrition recently held its Wellness Tour with Brazilian doctor Nathaniel Vuiniski. The good doctor has a lot to tell about advancing in years the healthy way. Not only that, but he also gave tips on how to achieve youthful energy as we grow older and wiser.

According to Dr. Nataniel Viniusky, a member of the Herbalife Nutrition Advisory Board, we should start early in preparing our bodies for eventual aging. The best way is to prevent the onset of serious diseases is by living a healthy active lifestyle when one is young.
“When we talk about healthy aging, we talk about aging with autonomy – taking care of your life and making your own decisions, growing older and deciding where you want to go, what you want to eat. In aging with autonomy, only 30% of the factor has to do with genetics, 70% has to do with your lifestyle – the way you eat, the way you exercise your body and your brain, the way you handle your body composition, the supplements you take, and your social life.” ~Dr. Nataniel Viniusky, a member of the Herbalife Nutrition Advisory Board
Dr. Viniusky has a degree in Medicine with specialization in Nutrition and Pediatrics, and is a scientific consultant of the Catholic University of Brasilia; coordinator of the Post-Graduate Specialization Course on Obesity of the CBES Department – San Pablo; and chief doctor of the Nutrition Service of the Unimed Hospital – Caxias do Sul. He has done activities in the areas of Clinical Nutrition and Weight Management and is also the former National Coordinator of the Healthy School Programme.

He further emphasized the need to take the right supplements and vitamins to keep young. Herbalife Nutrition, he said, has the Formula 1 Shake, Herbalife Tea Concentrate, and Herbal Aloe that makes for a power breakfast. Aside from the Vitamin and Minerals and other products for targeted nutrition.

The good doctor also revealed the results of the Herbalife Nutrition 2020 Asia Pacific Healthy Aging Survey, where consumers said that healthy aging is about being mentally active and sharp (61%); being physically active (57%); not suffering from an illness (56%); living a free and independent life (52%); not being a burden to their family (51%).

The survey cited four in 10 Filipinos expressed confidence in their ability to age healthily, with eight in 10 saying that they have already taken steps to age healthily. Among those surveyed, 75% said they are taking vitamins and minerals; 28% are taking antioxidants, and 27% are taking calcium to help boost their immune system.

The survey polled equal numbers of Generation Z (18 - 23 years), Millennials (24 - 39 years), Generation X (40 - 55 years), and Boomers+ (55 years and above) in 11 markets including Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The majority of Asia Pacific consumers understand the importance of healthy aging, with seven in 10 consumers (73 percent) working on aging the healthy way. The steps they have cited include:
  • Making better nutrition choices (73 percent).
  • Engaging in more regular physical activities (69 percent).
  • Engaging in mentally-stimulating activities or hobbies (50 percent).
  • Taking supplements that promote healthy aging (46 percent).
  • Going for more regular health check-ups (42 percent).
Consumers defined healthy aging and painted a positive picture. Respondents said that healthy aging is about being mentally active and sharp (61 percent), physically active (57 percent), not suffering from any chronic or acute illness (56 percent), living a free and independent life (52 percent), and not being a burden to their family as they age (51 percent).

Only three in 10 (28 percent) Asia Pacific consumers expressed confidence in their ability to age healthily. Consumers in Southeast Asia were generally more confident than those in Northeast Asia. Indonesia had the greatest confidence (61 percent), followed by Malaysia (44 percent) and the Philippines (43 percent). On the other hand, consumers in Korea (17 percent), Taiwan (17 percent), Hong Kong (13 percent), and Japan (9 percent) displayed the lowest confidence across the Asia Pacific region.