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Tanduay Rum Awarded Medals in Spirits Awards Belgium

Dubbed “The United Nations of Fine Spirits”, the international competition rewards spirits from across the globe. It has a panel of internationally renowned experts assessing and classifying whiskies, cognacs, brandies, rums, vodkas, and gins, among others.

Tanduay products continue to gain recognition from prestigious spirits competitions abroad. Most recently, Tanduay Asian Rum Gold and Tanduay Asian Rum Silver were both awarded silver medals at the Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial in Brussels, Belgium.
“There are many fine spirits around the world, and we are honored that our products have been chosen as two of the best. We accept this recognition with both pride and humility, and we thank all our people for their hard work and dedication in continuous-ly crafting quality products that are proudly Philippine-made.” ~Paul Lim, Tanduay Distillers, Inc. Senior Vice President for Sales and Marketing

The Tanduay Asian Rum Gold is one of the company’s most-awarded products. Aged in used Bourbon barrels for seven years, it is silky smooth with elegant flavors, almonds, dried dark fruits, and island spices. 

The Tanduay Asian Rum Silver has also received several recognitions throughout the years. It is aged in used Bourbon barrels for five years and had hints of dried tropical fruits, vanilla, and toasted coconut.

This year, Tanduay continued to expand its international presence when it inked deals with top wines and spirits distributors from several U.S. states. Its U.S. presence now encompasses Hawaii, Indiana, Minnesota, Nevada, Wisconsin, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, California, Tennessee, and Michigan, and the territory of Guam.

Tanduay has also expanded its market in China and entered Singapore. The company is likewise working on its distribution in Europe.

Sabado, Disyembre 19, 2020

Hotel DreamWorld provides food packs to typhoon victims in Marikina City


Hotel DreamWorld together with Marikina Government Officials, visited six barangays at Marikina District 1 to provide immediate help to the victims of typhoon Ulysses last November 26, 2020, Thursday.

With the support of the Marikina City Vice Mayor Marion Andres (left) and Marikina District 1 Councilor Rommel Acuña (right), Hotel DreamWorld succeeded in giving more than 2,000 food packs to the affected areas of typhoon Ulysses in Marikina District 1 in the following barangays; Brgy. Sto. Niño Pearl St. Emerald Village, Brgy. Tañong, Brgy. Malanday Purok 5 and 6, Road 3 Paradise Lower Malanday Hoa, Brgy. Dela Peña Zamora St., and Brgy. Industrial Valley Complex. More than 500 families were benefited in the said activity.

Hotel DreamWorld, has distributed a total of 2,000 food packs to the affected areas of typhoon Ulysses in Marikina District 1 in the following barangays; Brgy. Sto. Niño Pearl St. Emerald Village, Brgy. Tañong, Brgy. Malanday Purok 5 and 6, Road 3 Paradise Lower Malanday Hoa, Brgy. Dela Peña Zamora St., and Brgy. Industrial Valley Complex. More than 500 families were benefited from the said activity.

For more information about Hotel DreamWorld kindly visit their website at or you may call (8) 7900-900.

Eurotel Hotel team visited those affected by typhoon Ulysses

Eurotel Hotel volunteers reached forward to the typhoon-stricken community of Sitio Kayrupa, Barangay San Rafael, Rizal

“As part of the EuroReach’s initiatives, Eurotel’s corporate social responsibility program, we would like to extend our help to more indigent communities in the country. Also, I would like to thank our media partners and the LGUs who helped us; this donation drive wouldn’t be successful without you”. ~Mr. Edmundo Las, Board of Director
Eurotel Hotel volunteers reached forward to the typhoon-stricken community of Sitio Kayrupa, Barangay San Rafael, Rizal

Eurotel Hotel volunteers reached forward to the typhoon-stricken community of Sitio Kayrupa, Barangay San Rafael, Rizal last November 29, 2020. A total of 300 relief goods such as clothing, food packs, toys, and vitamins were given to the affected residents. 

Eurotel Hotel volunteers reached forward to the typhoon-stricken community of Sitio Kayrupa, Barangay San Rafael, Rizal

Eurotel Hotel volunteers reached forward to the typhoon-stricken community of Sitio Kayrupa, Barangay San Rafael, Rizal

For more announcements and updates, please refer to the Eurotel Hotel Official Facebook Page and Instagram.

Hotel Sogo’s Initiative in time of Pandemic

“As we initiated in giving free face shields, we want to remind the people that their health and safety comes first in this time of the pandemic. And with that, we are more than happy to promote that Hotel Sogo will be giving more free face shield among specific Hotel Sogo branches along EDSA”. ~Ms. Sue Geminiano, Hotel Sogo Marketing Manager
In this time of General Community Quarantine, a lot of industries have gone back to their operations and many of our fellow kababayans go to work almost every day. Thus, risking important factors in our daily lives –health and safety.

Hotel Sogo recently showed how they care for our kababayans as they gave free face shields to commuters along Hotel Sogo North Ave. branch.

To continue raising the awareness of wearing face shields and face masks, Hotel Sogo is giving away a free COVID kit to its guests in the participating Hotel Sogo branches (Pasay Harrison, Pasay Rotonda, Guadalupe, EDSA-Cubao, North EDSA, and Bagong Barrio).

Guests who will have a bill total of 600 pesos and up will have a chance to get free Hotel Sogo face shields and face masks by simply coordinating with the front desk.

The use of a face mask and face shield has been a must for commuters as mandated by the Department of Transportation (DOTr) last August 2020.

To find out operational Hotel Sogo branches and for updates and promos, visit our website at or like and follow them on, and, and

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Everyone is adjusting to life and business in the “new normal”, and lawyers are no exception. Apart from client meetings, court hearings, and drafting pleadings, lawyers must also comply with the Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) requirement to continue practicing their profession.

For lawyers seeking to update their knowledge on laws and jurisprudence, legal ethics, and legal writing and oral advocacy should look no further. ACCESS MCLE launches four new online courses that address current issues and concerns: police power in the context of the pandemic, ethics in high-profile cases, corporate criminal responsibility, and impactful instruments of government agencies.

Learn more about them here. 

1. Dos and Don'ts in Police Power
Atty. Alberto Agra
This course covers what local government units (LGUs) are permitted and not permitted to do in the exercise of police power within their territorial jurisdictions as provided under the 1991 Local Government Code and the local charters of the LGUs. This class is all the more relevant in the context of the current ongoing global pandemic and based on pertinent provisions under the Bayanihan Act.
Atty. Agra is a known professor of law and bar reviewer with his vast experience teaching political, local government, administrative, election law at the Ateneo Law School.

2. Ethical Pitfalls and Considerations in Handling High-Profile Cases
Atty. Howard Calleja
Against the backdrop of high profile cases, this course delves into the rules and canons under the Code of Professional Responsibility broken down into five sections: (1) the lawyer’s duty to the client; (2) the role played by media and publicity particularly with regard to impartial public statements and media coverage; (3) the lawyer’s primary and fundamental duty to the court as an officer of the court; (4) the requisite degree of confidentiality between lawyers and clients; and (5) the commensurate payment of legal fees in light of the law as a profession.
Thus, legal and judicial ethics comes to the fore in this class by Atty. Calleja, a noted lecturer and litigation lawyer who established his own firm, Calleja Law Offices, in 2008.

3. Corporate Guilt: Imposing Criminal Penalties on Corporations
Atty. Geronimo Sy
The current mode of corporate criminal liability in the Philippines is at the forefront of this lecture, compared to those of other nations. While civil remedies are available to punish illegal corporate conduct, rare criminal sanctions and even fewer administrative fines require a second look at the current landscape of corporate criminal responsibility under Philippine laws.
Atty. Sy was a former State Prosecutor before becoming the Assistant to the Secretary of the Department of Justice where he was the chairman of the Criminal Code Committee. He also established the Office of Cybercrime and the Office for Competition.

4. Impactful Instruments for Administrative Agencies
Atty. Alberto Agra
This course teaches legal writing and preparation in the context of administrative agencies (AAs). Many AAs render decisions, prescribe rules and regulations, render legal opinions, conduct fact-finding investigations, grant or recall franchises and licenses, issue show cause order as well as cease and desist order, among others. These are the delegated powers that may be granted to AAs, and for each exercise of power, there is a corresponding written legal document.
Atty. Agra is the former Acting Secretary of Justice, Acting Solicitor General, Government Corporate Counsel, and Acting Chief Regulator of the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) Regulatory Office. Today, he is the current Chairman of the Board of the Philippine Reclamation Authority.

These four new courses are available on the pioneering and first-ever accredited online MCLE program provided by ACCESS. Check out the different courses online and sign up today with ACCESS at

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Herbalife Nutrition Leverages Digital Technology to Make Fitness an Achievable Goal During and Beyond the New Normal with Samantha Clayton

 As social distancing and other health protocols that pre-vent most people from going to the gym remain in place, premier global nutrition company Herbalife Nutrition leveraged digital technology to bring fitness to people through videos, virtual events, and other interactive platforms. One such platform is its Fitness Portal, which features workout videos that range from beginner routines to advanced workouts – making fitness an achievable goal for everyone. All videos can be accessed for free.

“Three years ago, we started to work on our digital platform for fitness. It’s a free resource that’s for everybody. Digital has been driving fitness for a long time. It really amplified  the average everyday fitness profes-sional’s voice. If you see a lot of the content that’s on YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram, the content that gets the most amounts of likes tend to be fitness-based content, so the digital transformation of the fit-ness world has been happening for a long time. It has always been supported hand in hand with going to a location to exercise, but as this year has gone on, the physical getting together piece has gone down a little, which has made the digital transformation of fitness move at a more rapid pace. ~Samantha Clayton, Vice President, Worldwide Sports Performance and Fitness, and Chairwoman of the Fitness Advisory Board of Herbalife Nutrition

Citing data gathered by Herbalife Nutrition between February 23 - March 25, 2020, Clayton shared that key categories of conversation in Sports Nutrition International Online listening are: health (37%), market growth (28%), food (15%), science (10%), and nutrition (10%).

When it comes to what gets people moving, running and endurance training ranked highest at 26%, followed by bodybuilding/weightlifting at 23%, cycling at 13%, and plyometrics at 12%.

Samantha Clayton added that even when gyms start to open and people get back outside, people have realized the convenience of online workouts and that they could do it in their own time and in the comfort of their own home. For companies that create content, the challenge lies in making it interesting enough for people to consume.

Clayton spoke before members of the media and the blogging community during the Virtual Wellness Tour of Herbalife Nutrition Philippines. The forum was held in line with Herbalife Nutrition’s Get Moving with Good Nutrition, a campaign that aims at breaking health inertia and fostering communities to sup-port one another on their healthy living journey. It was launched as part of Herbalife Nutrition’s 40th-anniversary celebration.

“When the sports world kind of stopped this year, we really had the challenge to put out a really interesting and engaging  content with our athletes to meet our consumers in their homes, meet our distributors, and people in the community in a space that we know. For many years, the fitness industry and the sports nutrition industry, in particular, was all about the athlete. Everything was geared towards speaking to the athlete, a person that was really striving to be the best at their sport. What’s exciting for me today is to share with you that the audience not for fitness and sports nutrition has really expanded,” she said. “People are truly inspired and interested  in what good nutrition has to offer. ~Samantha Clayton, Vice President, Worldwide Sports Performance and Fitness, and Chairwoman of the Fitness Advisory Board of Herbalife Nutrition
To address this challenge, Clayton and her team came up with a 2020 Quarantine Sports and Fitness Content that comprised of athlete cook-off contests, social media workout videos, sports nutrition blog series, Facebook live workout series, and social media workout graphics.

“I believe that it’s important that people subscribe to a healthy active lifestyle, which is not necessarily striving to be the best athlete in the world. It’s not about reaching peak performance; it’s about having simple daily habits each and every day so that you could be at your best. So whether that’s having a healthy breakfast or getting your minimum amount of exercise, a healthy active lifestyle is about sustainable healthy habits that last a lifetime. Your body is the one vehicle that will last you for the rest of your days. A lot of how that vehicle operates relies on you.” ~Samantha Clayton, Vice President, Worldwide Sports Performance and Fitness, and Chairwoman of the Fitness Advisory Board of Herbalife Nutrition
A former Olympic athlete, Clayton added that the audience for fitness and sports nutrition has never been wider until today. 

A mother of four, including a set of triplets, Clayton holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health with a concentration on Nutrition and Wellness. She has competed in the Sydney 2000 Olympics, and is an Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA)-certified personal trainer and group exercise specialist and International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)-certified personal trainer, group exercise specialist, and youth fitness, specialist.

Exercise Demo Sample Link

About Herbalife Nutrition
Herbalife Nutrition is a global company that has been changing people's lives with great nutrition products and a proven business opportunity for its independent distributors since 1980. The Company offers high-quality, science-backed products, sold in over 90 countries by entrepreneurial distributors who provide one-on-one coaching and a supportive community that inspires their customers to embrace a healthier, more active lifestyle. Through the Company’s global campaign to eradicate hunger, Herbalife Nutrition is also committed to bringing nutrition and education to communities around the world. 

For more information, please visit

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Bride and Rose - An ultimate Bride's Haven hosted a delightful reopening

Mr. & Mrs. Trishie Dela Cruz, CEO of Bride and Rose

An enchanting concept store for Brides and joyful wedding celebrations known as Bride and Rose has Reopened to showcase the best products and ideas.

Bride and Rose is a wedding concept store that ensures every bride is safe and relaxed by doing all wedding agendas under one roof and saves all the hassle of getting from one place to another due to massive traffic issues in the Philippines.

Trishie Dela Cruz, CEO of Bride and Rose

Bride and Rose is Brides-To-Be heaven that offers all solutions under one roof. The co-working space is filled with physical samples of everything that makes it a One-Stop-Shop for your
wedding day requirements.

Bride and Rose

Bride and Rose

Bride and Rose

Bride and Rose

Western countries were already following this idea, and for the first time, someone realized the need for such a wedding store in the Philippines. Bride and Rose have brought new business trends in the area of wedding planning and retail stores.

Bride and Rose

They want the brides to enjoy the process of planning their big day that is supposed to be a source of happiness, not panic attacks. Bride and Rose is a bridal boutique claiming that their brides get the broadest range of wedding dresses. These wedding gowns are available in a wide variety and are creations of both local and international designers.

Bride and Rose

Bride and Rose

Bride and Rose

Bride and Rose offer different membership plans that fit every bride’s needs. They even offer their whole store exclusively to have an exclusive dress-up party, bridal shower, or any intimate affair. Additional elements to adorn these precious memories are cocktail drinks, decors, music, provided with personal assistants. The brand also helps the clients hire a hair and makeup artist, photographer, and stylist to complete the experience.

Bride and Rose

Bride and Rose

"It was a long and stressful journey to turn this idea into reality, but all the efforts were worth the support we have received from our team and partners. We offer everything that people need to pull out picture-perfect bridal showers, boudoir sessions, wedding ceremonies, reception, and honeymoon trips. After the soft launch, this Grand re-opening is our way of welcoming people to cherish happiness after the Pandemic blues." ~Trishie Dela Cruz, CEO of Bride and Rose

Bride and Rose

Bride and Rose

Bride and Rose

This dynamic store collaborates with several local and international suppliers to offer a wide range of prices and options for the brides. Their customers can get a perfect fitting from the choice of more than a hundred sample dresses.

Bride and Rose

RTW (Ready To Wear) and bespoke wedding gowns cost from 20,000.00php to 150,000.00php, and the Entourage collection begins at 2,500.00php.

Bride and Rose

Bride and Rose

Bride and Rose

This unique concept shop is a sigh of relief for the brides that would be happy to indulge in elegant couture by renowned designers around the world, including:
  • Papilio Bridal
  • Nora Noviano Sposa
  • Victoria Soprano Group
  • Elly Haute Couture
  • Katherine Joyce Paris
  • Berta (Coming Soon)
  • Patricia Santos of PS Officiel
  • Disegno Dado
  • Nicole Lim Ph.

Bride and Rose

Along with more than a thousand adorable gown styles in catalogs, a bride can find cake samples from Audrey's Pastry Boutique. Bride and Rose can organize fascinating destination wedding celebrations in Bali, Indonesia, and Europe. They offer graceful venues in Tuscany, Italy, such as Villa Gambarai, Chateau Challain, Villa Grabau, and La Corte Dei Papi that add serenity to these memories. They also have the following partner suppliers from the Philippines, USA, Japan, and Hong Kong:

Bride and Rose

Bride and Rose
  • The couples can find a sophisticated Invitation template according to their taste from the vast array of choices. The Fine Press from Jakarta, Indonesia, The Whale Whispers from Hong Kong, and Sophia's Party Favors are distinctive partner brands.
Bride and Rose

Bride and Rose

Bride and Rose
  • Souvenirs such as curated boxes, a perfume with custom boxes, soothes and teas, and others are featured by Simply G, VVandCoPh, EAI Handicrafts, La Vie En Rose Sweets, and Essentials HG Studio.
Bride and Rose
  • Bridal Shoes from Bella Belle Shoes USA are coming into the store.
Bride and Rose

Bride and Rose

Bride and Rose

Bride and Rose
  • The accessories section portrays the creative sophistication of Athena Bridals and jewelry by Christopher Munar. Another fine collection of rings and jewels from Brilyo Jewelry and Fiery Jewelry and Watches are the highlight.
Bride and Rose
  • Bride’s makeup, photography, and videography are also something couples can avail of from Bride and Rose's brand partners HG Studio and Nice Print Photography.

Bride and Rose
  • Bride and Rose is an informative co-working space equipped with guide books and informative booklets such as "The Perfect Wedding Reception Details, Wedding Planning 101, Mother of The Bride, The Big Book of Wedding Planning," and more!
  • Venue Styling is an expert curation from Randy Lazaro, Teddy Manuel, and Shabby and Chic Style Studio.
  • World-Class Catering Services and Venues from the top culinary school- Enderun Events.
  • They also have Kate Spade New York's Wedding Planner and Mrs. Bridal Notebook to write down the wedding plans and schedules.
  • One can see some elegant robes by Jazel Sy and Intissimo and Entourage gowns from Shabby Chic Style Studio and Tess Creations.
  • A wedding is incomplete without a romantic travel plan. DLC Backpackers and Travel Expert set up by the honeymoon for Bride and Rose’s clients. And Bridal Cars from Philippine Rent A Car

Bride and Rose

Bride and Rose

Brides can purchase accessories such as masks, planner notebooks, calligraphy pens, bridal bags/clutches, Jewelry Boxes, lingeries, bridal shoes, and veils right away.

Bride and Rose had a soft launch last year in December, a masterpiece by La Belle Fete. However, due to the Pandemic adversity, the business had to face many difficulties throughout this year. The young multi-talented owner, Trishie dela Cruz, did not lose hope, and eventually, Bride and Rose are back with the best brands and wedding plans for their clients.

There was a grand reopening party on 22nd October 2020, a full-day event, including a photo and video shoot, ribbon cutting, and afternoon cocktail party. It was a lush and graceful gathering adorned by founder Trishie Dela Cruz, her husband Dom Alferez, and several sponsors, partners, celebrities, and friends.

A few highlights of the event are influencer guests, including Heather Vicencio, Melchielle Gerodias from Flying Indays, Shanika Silverio, Hanna Capinpin, Denise Heredia, and Charlene representing Hakunamachata. There were some lovely giveaways, courtesy of Soon To Be Mrs. Bridal Notebook, Essentials by HG Studio, Athena Classics, Terrestrimin, and Flounce Masks.

It was an extravaganza of excitement, charisma, and elegance representing the artistry of The Tablespread Co., Mix Balloonery and Surprises, and Shabby Chic Style Studio. The elegant lights and soothing music were craftsmanship from Beats N Snap. RAF Events and Photobooth, Troika, Audrey's Pastries, and Nicole Lim Ph made precious memories for eyes and palates.

The fancy event with flowers and bouquets from La Bella Rosa, Project Art Ph, Belle Fleurs Manila, Mary Mars Flowers and Gifts, and VGrace Ph felt dreamy. The gorgeous Steffi Blair of Pretty Looks, beautiful Haze Gonzales of HG Studio & dazzling Jose Sacramento of CCYG Korean restaurant was a significant part of the Bride and Rose reopening event.

After the re-opening event, many influencers and brides-to-be admired the Bride and Rose’s 2-weeks campaign- a series of posts expressing their emotional brand struggles and success stories were done in their Social Media pages highlighting the official MTV shoot of the reopening day entitled “A Dress Up Affair” posted on Instagram Live with Creative Director Thian Rodriguez.

Bride and Rose have much more to offer for Soon-To-Be-Brides and couples who want a one-of-a-kind and hassle-free wedding planning experience! For more information, visit

You can also rent the place for a photoshoot session, dress-up party, bridal showers, or any intimate event!