Biyernes, Mayo 26, 2017

Global culinary experts to join World Street Food Congress 2017 in Manila

Anthony Bourdain; Greg Dreshner; K.F. Seetoh; Sau Del Rosario; JP Anglo; and Rafael Jardeleza

Over 30 authentic street food vendors from 13 nations, including Philippines, will be flown in to dazzle the foodies at the World Street Food Jamboree component. Top heritage street food vendors and celebrity chefs from across the globe will soon flock Manila for an exciting five days of gastronomic adventure of local and international street food at the World Street Food Congress (WSFC) 2017.  

Leading the roster of dialogue speakers are:
  • Anthony Bourdain, international food and travel celebrity
  • Greg Drescher who is currently the vice-president of strategic initiatives and industry leadership at The Culinary Institute of America (CIA). 
  • Claude Tayag, who specializes in Kapampangan dishes and owns the famous Bale Datung.
  • Sau Del Rosario who is a proud owner of the popular modern Kapampangan café, Café Fleur and 25 Seeds
  • SARSA’s JP Anglo, and Rafael Jardeleza who is the founder of project director of the annual Tabu-an Western Visayas Ilonggo Heritage Cooking Competition and Food Fair.
  • Mai Pham, author of several award-winning cookbooks including The Best of Vietnamese & Thai Cooking, Pleasures of the Vietnamese Table and Flavours of Asia.
  • Malcolm Lee who is the head chef and owner of the first Michelin-starred Peranakan restaurant, Candlenut, to name a few. 
Curated by K.F. Seetoh and organized by Makansutra and presented by the Department of Tourism (DOT) and the Tourism Promotions Board (TPB), this year’s WSFC17 is bigger and better with over 50 kinds of street food representing 13 different countries in over 30 stalls plus pop-up booths. 

WSFC is one of the world’s biggest food destinations and with an even bigger and better event this year, it will sure to attract more global attention. This paves the way for the Philippines to be recognized as one of the world’s most go-to food destinations. 

Aside from World Street Food Dialogue, the event will also host the World Street Food Jamboree, where you can sample different local and international street food and at the same time mingle with celebrity chefs at the cooking demo; and the World Street Food Awards, where the best of industry professionals will be awarded.

Happening on May 31 – June 4, 2017 at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds, these experts will be sharing insights, developments and opportunities in street food heritage and culture in the World Street Food Dialogue. 

See you at the
World Street Food Congress 2017!

Making Summer So Cool from 7-Eleven

7-Eleven Makes Summer So Cool! 
Our favorite kapitbahay has UBELoaded and Slurpee Shock Rocks as refreshing treats this summer!

With these tasty treats, your summer will be loads of fun. So whether you’re currently on a super fabulous vacation or spending some quality time with your friends at home, have the best time with these cool treats from 7-Eleven.

Summer is officially here! It's definitely getting hotter everyday but 7-Eleven will help you cool down amidst the scorching heat with its latest offerings: the UBELoaded and the Slurpee Shock Rocks, two must-try summer treats. 

These new flavors will help you create cool and fun moments with your barkada. With just a quick visit to your nearest 7-Eleven store, make summer more fun with these exciting treats. 

First off is the newest Slurpee Shock Rocks, which will surely awaken your inner child. Slurpee Shock Rocks are awesome popping candies that can be sprinkled on top of any Slurpee proving that fizzy drinks can be made explosively delicious with pop rocks. 

In fact, the Slurpee Shock Rocks are a perfect combination to any Slurpee drink proving that pop rocks and soda go together debunking the urban legend that people believed in before.

Meanwhile, the new Ube-flavored Slurpee Halo-Halo is definitely a hit for fans of drinks with toppings because this drink is surely filled with it! 

GetGo Brand-New Honda Mobilio Vehicles Promo Winners

“I converted my Citibank credit card points to GetGo points to avail of free flights for an upcoming family trip to attend one of my best friend's wedding. This is the first time that I used my points to get free flights.”  ~Janna Leah Dans, a GMA Network Project Manager
“I am very thankful to GetGo and Honda for this wonderful experience of winning this amazing and stunningly beautiful car.” ~Jeane Maravillas Regondola, 54-year-old accountant
“I didn’t believe it! I thought it was a scam until I saw the official post from Facebook.” ~Andrew Del Pilar, 27-year-old Bank Employee 
Andrew Del Pilar (4th from left) quickly fell in love with his new car which he christened ‘Imman’. Awarding his brand new ride is Mr. Nik Laming, General Manager for Cebu Pacific Loyalty Division (3rd from right), and representatives from GetGo and Honda.

Three GetGo members—Andrew Del Pilar, Janna Leah Dans, and Jeane Maravillas Regondola—casually converted their loyalty points to GetGo points in the hopes of earning bonus points and inching themselves closer and faster to dreams of flying for free.

Little did they know that this would give them the rewards of a lifetime as they became the lucky winners of brand-new Honda Mobilio vehicles in GetGo’s “Points to Fly, Points to Drive” raffle promo.
Janna Leah Dans poses with her brand-new Mobilio car inside the Honda showroom.

A GetGo member since 2015, Andrew makes it a point to travel to different Cebu Pacific international destinations using his GetGo points which he strives to earn the quickest way possible, including joining the “Points to Fly, Points to Drive” promo. Once, he even took advantage of a “double the points” promo, which for him was the best deal ever. 

The proud owner of the new Honda Mobilio is surprised at the efforts of GetGo and its partners to provide a rewarding experience for its members.
Jeane Maravillas Regondola thanks GetGo and Honda for the unexpected reward of a lifetime.

Aside from raffling off three Honda Mobilio vehicles, the GetGo Points to Fly, Points to Drive raffle promo also gave away 25% additional GetGo bonus points to encourage members to earn and convert their rewards points from Cebu Pacific GetGo Debit and Credit Cards, from its wide roster of bank partners, retail partners, fuel partner, hotel partners, online travel agencies, and service partners.

Not yet a GetGo member? Visit or call +632 71-GETGO (43846) to discover how you can avail of a GetGo membership card, learn about the loyalty program, its partners, promos, and how to start redeeming rewards points. The latest updates are also on GetGoPH's official pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

They got more than what they asked for.

Ranai Gamal Dubai-Based Supermodel and fitness Guru promotes Philippines for Middle Eastern Travellers

“I plan to visit more cities in the Philippines on my next visit. I would like to explore the beaches of Boracay and Palawan as I heard they have the world’s best beaches and coastlines. With Middle Eastern continuously looking for a place to spend their holidays, I believe that it is high time for Philippines to be recognize as the MUST SEE summer destination most especially for Middle Eastern travelers. I hope that many establishment will cater more to Muslim tourists like halal food options and hal-al kitchen so Muslim travelers will be more confident on visiting the country.” ~Rania Gamal 

Rania Gamal is a Dubai-based fitness guru, model, actress and TV presenter. She started model-ling when she was 17 years old while living in Germany and was the face of Loreal products and the cover of different international magazines. Rania loves traveling the world and she can speak 5 languages fluently including Arabic, English, Danish, German and French. Rania is also a fit-ness, lifestyle, and health aficionado teaching women not only to eat healthily but also about be-ing independent and being empowered. She had her post graduate diploma in PR & Journalism at World Media Academy, a school accredited by Washington-based ICFJ (International Centre for Journalist). Rania Gamal was also the official host for P. O. W. E. R. E. D. (Professional Overseas Women Empowerment, Recognition and Equality Day) held in Vesna Restaurant and Lounge at Conrad Hotel. 

With summer holiday just around the corner, Dubai-based celebrity, model and fitness guru Ra-nia Gamal went to the Philippines recently to discover breathtaking places that will surely enjoy by people living in Dubai and the rest of the Middle East region and will be the perfect getaway destination for the upcoming holiday season.

Rania Gamal visited one of the country’s popular summer destinations for locals – Batangas. Ra-nia stayed at Acuatico Beach and Resort Hotel that was owned by the famous Filipino designer Mama Rene Salud’s family. During her stay, Rania enjoyed the stunning beach and sunset in the property. She has experience local food like seafood, Batangas lomi, Barako coffee, to name a few, where she found exactly right for Middle Easterns to try. 

During her stay in Batangas, Rania also had a photoshoot for Playboy Philippines’ Renegade is-sue where she is on their prestigious cover and for luxury travel magazine Xpedition Middle East. After Batangas, Rania explored the bustling city of Manila where she stayed at City of Dreams in Pasay City. With close to 100,000 tourist arrival from the Middle East region in 2016, Rania encourages more people from region to visit the Philippines and explore its stunning beaches and hospitable people.

The Middle East market are known as quality travelers – they stay longer and spend bigger compared to other to tourism markets. Rania Gamal plans to collaborate further with Philippine Department of Tourism Middle East office to further promote the Philippines in the Middle East region.

Atty. Rene “Rebo” Saguisag, Jr. BEST Center Coach Finding balance between Passion and Profession

“I just married the perfect wife who fills all my shortcomings. I don’t see it as an obstacle but a challenge and opportunity to better myself so I never even considered choosing one over the other. In fact, if handled properly, they can even complement each other. All I really needed to learn, I learned inside the basketball court. Playing and coaching basketball aided me in knowing the technicalities and rules of the game which is vital in my position as a commissioner. Meanwhile, small details such as punctuality and grooming (like making sure my jerseys are tucked) helped in how I properly carry myself, even inside the courtroom.” ~Atty. Rene “Rebo” Saguisag, Jr. 

Law practice and basketball seem like two different worlds. Managing each would require his undivided attention as they are both time-consuming and emotionally draining.

Atty. Rene “Rebo” Saguisag, Jr. is a multifaceted individual who, despite his busy profession, never turns down an opportunity to work with his passion. Aside from being a notable lawyer, following the footsteps of his father, prominent human rights lawyer Rene Saguisag Sr., he was also a former BEST Center coach and is currently the UAAP commissioner for two consecutive seasons, 78 and 79. On top of that, Atty. Rebo is also a strong advocate of sports development among the youth naming the Mindanao Peace Games as one of his involvements.  Recently, he even volunteered to manage his son’s little league baseball team.

Saguisag’s experience as a former coach for BEST (Basketball Efficiency & Scientific Training) Center, multi-awarded and pioneer in basketball clinics in the country, helped in his values formation. He noted how the organization has instilled in him discipline and a great sense of responsibility. The strict guidelines and high standards imposed and maintained in the clinics and the proper behavior required in the court, along with the values taught in team sports, has molded him to become who he is today.

So far, the former BEST Center coach and now notable lawyer-cum-UAAP commissioner enjoys the best of both worlds and aims to implement his advocacies for the development of both fields. He also encourages everyone not to limit themselves to their own comfort zones but instead, be open to opportunities, accept challenges and turn these into achievements. Above all, never undermine the seemingly trivial lessons you learn along the way for it is through these experiences that make you who are, regardless of what you are.

For more information, call 411-6260 or 372-3066. You can also visit

Saguisag stated that his success as a lawyer, his pride in being a former BEST Center coach and now the UAAP commissioner, his commitment to being a good family man, and a better individual are all because of the lessons he learned while playing basketball when he was still young.

“The Next Great Magician” Sony Channel Brings Enchanted Evenings Into Primetime Viewing this June

The Next Great Magician premieres on June 5 and airs weeknights at 7:55pm, first and exclusive on Sony Channel.

PHILIPPINES (May 24, 2017) – Sony Channel wants you to believe in magic like never before when some of the world’s best magicians compete against each other in the spellbinding contest The Next Great Magician, which starts fascinating audiences this June.

All kinds of magic are covered throughout the series – from illusions to comedy magic, from locations stunts to close-up performances, etc. - as magicians go head to head in a battle of spectacular magical displays that showcase their amazing talents in front of a studio audience and on location. 

Six incredible acts will perform the impossible night after night, but only five will be chosen as the magicians judge each other to determine the winner in each episode and goes through the grand finale, where the finalists will perform a brand new illusion in the quest to be crowned The Next Great Magician! 
The six-part series is hosted by professional magician Stephen Mulhern and singer Rochelle Humes. 

Sony Channel is available on SKYCable Channel 35, Destiny Cable Channel 62, Cignal Channel 120, G Sat Channel 48, and Cablelink Channel 39.

The Next Great Magician, which premieres on June 5 and airs weeknights at 7:55 pm on Sony Channel.


About Sony Channel
Sony Channel is the premier destination for female-skewing entertainment with the biggest and best of Hollywood. Designed for the socially connected viewer, Sony Channel features some of the most captivating and talked-about drama, comedy, lifestyle, and reality programs on TV, all airing close to the U.S. telecasts, together with popular feel-good movies.

Fresh, confident and stylish, with a dash of clever wit, Sony Channel is visually stunning with a brand identity that perfectly complements its line-up of high calibre programming. Sony Channel appeals to a female-skewed, male-inclusive audience who loves to escape, engage, and lose themselves in premium content. Viewers are modern, social, stylish, and aspirational.

Sony Channel is wholly owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment and managed by Sony Pictures Television Networks Asia, which also operates pay-TV channels AXN, Animax, ONE and GEM. 

See, and join the conversation on and for more.

Aleksandra Flasz the Winner of Sony Channel’s The Apartment: Rising Stars Edition

“The Apartment: Rising Stars Edition was created to inspire young designers and Sony Channel’s viewers to enhance their living spaces using tips from the experts. The series featured some of the world’s top designers including Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, Genevieve Gordor and Jamie Durie, who provided incredible insights and design advice in each episode, and all against a backdrop of gripping drama. I would like to congratulate Aleksandra and Winston for making it to the finish and I hope that The Apartment: Rising Stars Edition will help further launch their careers on a global scale.” ~Ms. Virginia Lim, Senior Vice President and Head of Content, Production and Marketing, Sony Pictures Television Networks, Asia
The Apartment: Rising Stars Edition winner
Aleksandra Flasz and first runner up Winston See

Fashion Design Graduate Crowned the Winner of Sony Channel’s The Apartment: Rising Stars Edition. Aleksandra Flasz out-designed her competitors to walk away with the grand prize of $100,000.

PHILIPPINES (May 25, 2017) – Without any professional background in interior design, Aleksandra Flasz, a Polish fashion design graduate and model was crowned the winner of Sony Channel’s first original production, The Apartment: Rising Stars Edition.

In a grueling 40-hour design challenge, Aleksandra faced off with Malaysian architect, Winston See, to fight for the Rising Star crown and the grand prize of $100,000. It was a dramatic and close race to the finish, but ultimately Aleksandra won the winning vote against Winston, leaving him wondering where he went wrong. 

The ultimate and deciding challenge for the two finalists was to design and furnish an apartment from scratch with only the help of two previous contestants, Ally and Andres.

At the finale design court, Aleksandra and Winston had to defend their designs in front of a judging panel of nine, with esteemed members including Andrea Savage, Jeremy Rowe from Dulux and Genie Tay from UMLand. 

While there was praise for both finalists, there were some questionable design choices that displeased the judges. Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen described Aleksandra’s bedroom as “Hugh Hefner, done atrociously.” To Winston, he said that the floor design looked like it had “been hit by an earthquake.” 

Despite the criticism, the judges commented that both of them had shown vast improvement from their first challenge, and applauded them for their effort and hard work. In a tense reveal, Aleksandra won the 5-4 vote against Winston to take the title of The Apartment: Rising Stars Edition. 

The intense 10-episode journey drew Sony Channel viewers into the cut-throat world of interior design where 12 up-and-coming designers competed to become the next style superstar. 

For more information, visit or @TheApartmentTV on Facebook and Twitter. 

The Apartment: Rising Stars Edition featured a formidable and glamorous judging panel, including world-renowned interior designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen as the head judge and Jamie Durie, the award-winning designer and author, who doubled as series host and mentor. Vivacious media personality and home product designer, Genevieve Gorder also joined the judging panel this season, injecting her clever wit and colorful commentary into the series. 


About Sony Pictures Television Networks, Asia
Sony Pictures Television (SPT) Networks, Asia is a leading operator of ad-supported 24/7 channels including English general entertainment powerhouses AXN and Sony Channel; and Asian content giants Animax, GEM and ONE. SPT Networks’ portfolio collectively features the biggest and best titles from Korea, Japan and the U.S that are first run, exclusive and aired close to the original telecast. Taking the content beyond the linear screen, SPT Networks immerses viewers in its premium entertainment via large-scale festivals, celebrity fan meets and social platform conversations. In Asia, SPT Networks’ portfolio is available across 19 territories and in over 45 million homes.

Solar Scoop: Full Serving of Trending Topics

“The launch of Solar Scoop signifies the beginning of the traction we are building in the digital industry. We will continue to widen our reach with the emerging audiences, especially online, and there are more exciting news ahead.” ~Wilson Tieng, CEO and Solar Entertainment President

Solar Entertainment Corporation strengthens its online presence with the launch of the new online show SOLAR SCOOP, which can be viewed first via starting on Monday, May 29, 2017.

Hosted by commercial model-boxing instructor Vince Velasco and dancer-actress Kelley Day, SOLAR SCOOP is the first locally-produced 5-minute online show of Solar featuring exciting and trending topics on entertainment, sports, and lifestyle. Channel and program updates, corporate and sponsored events, and other campaigns of the Solar channels will also be featured on the online show.

A mix of bite-size segments courtesy of the on-air channel counterparts in its succeeding episodes are definitely to watch for! Be in the know and join the conversation at #SolarScoop.

Don’t miss the 10-minute pilot episode of SOLAR SCOOP featuring the latest on the NBA Finals and an exclusive interview with an NBA star, plus handy life hacks courtesy of ETC Fix. Catch it also on YouTube via and on Facebook via @etctv, @2ndAvenue, @solar.jacktv, @solarsports, and @BasketballTV.


Solar Entertainment Corporation is one of the biggest content providers in the Philippines. It is committed to elevating the network to a global standard and maintaining Solar as a leader and innovator in the industry. Until today, Solar continues to widen its programming to meet the demands of emerging audiences. For more details, log on to

Miyerkules, Mayo 24, 2017

McCormick Flavor Nation Festival: A festival for fans of Tex-Mex, Filipino, and off-the-grill flavors

Feast with us at MCCORMICK FLAVOR NATION FESTIVAL for a day of good food, music and moments at BGC Amphitheater this coming May 28, Sunday starting 11 a.m. onwards.

Coming off last year’s success, the Flavor Nation Festival features Black Sheep’s Patrick Go, Locavore’s Mikel Zaguirre, Tipple and Slaw’s Francis Lim, and Privatus’ AJ Reyes, four of the best chefs in the business, who all created signature dishes using McCormick’s meal recipe mixes and seasoning blends as the base. Chef Patrick, for example, has whipped up an inspiring Sloppy Joe Bao using Chili Con Mix. The best part? Guests get to watch the chefs do the live cooking demo to show how easy it is to be replicated at home. Learn how to recreate chef Francis’ Curry Fried Chicken at 1pm, chef AJ’s Cajun Shrimp and Corn at 2pm, chef Mikel’s Kare-kare with Bagoong Glaze at 3pm, and chef Patrick’s Sloppy Joe Bao at 4pm. 
Get to try out Sloppy Joe Bao by Chef Patrick Go of Black Sheep.

Catch Chef Francis Lim of Tipple and Slaw serve his Green Curry Fried Chicken.

Catch Chef AJ Reyes of Privatus Dining serve some Cajun Shrimp and Corn.

Learn to cook easy McCormick dish by Chef Mikel Zaguirre of Locavore.

Also dig in to the best food and drink concessionaires in the metro.
  • Primo's Wagyu
  • The Belly Good Roastbeef
  • Ozawa Noritako
  • Stephen's Brick Oven Pizza
  • Saffron Plates
  • Kalye Taco
  • Down to Earth
  • Thirsty Turtle
  • John Lemon
  • Buccino Ice Cream
  • Ice Pops MNL
  • Standford Shaw

Meal recipe mixes are having their moment. And the McCormick Flavor Nation Festival on May 28, Sunday at the BGC Amphitheater is a good place to start, an annual food festival where aficionados and homemakers immerse themselves into a fun, friendly setting with great  food, music, and moments that capture the essence of McCormick’s meal recipe mixes.
Beat the heat with some Buccino Ice Cream

Wagyu Cubes is always a good idea. Grab some from Primo's Wagyu

Saffron Plates will be serving some Samosas

Cool down this Sunday with some Ice Pops MNL

Grab a plate of Roast beef by The Belly Good Roast Beef

Have a burger from Down to Earth

Quench your thirst with some smoothies from Thirsty Turtle

End the summer heat with a glass of Lemonade by John Lemon

The Party Kitchen will be serving some Sisig Wraps

Grab a slice of Stephen's Brick Oven Pizza

Kalye Taco will be serving us some Nachos

Flavor Nation Festival will also be home to a curated selection of concessionaires (think: Wagyu beef from Primo Wagyu, flavorful pop from Ice Pops MNL, and good-for-you burgers from Down to Earth) to complement the mix of a delicious food culture and innovation being cultivated in the event—not to mention the cheerful melodies of Tandems ’91 and Jensen and the Flips. 
Catch Tandems '91 perform live.

Join us on May 28 from 11 am to 8 pm at the BGC Amphitheater as we celebrate food, music, and good times at the McCormick Flavor Nation Festival 2017. First 500 guests get to sample the dishes for free. This event is co-presented by F&B Report. 
A portion of the proceeds for this event will got to Feed the Children.

A day of food, music, and moments at the McCormick Flavor Nation Festival from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

Admission is free so bring your family and friends! Do not forget to pre-register through eventbrite to access the event faster

First 500 walk-in guests get freebies!


Guests flying to and from any Cebu Pacific or Cebgo destination in Mindanao from May 25 to 31, 2017 who are concerned about travelling at this time may opt to rebook their tickets from free within 30 days; or place the cost of the ticket in a travel fund for future use.

Operations of Cebu Pacific in Mindanao remain normal, with no restrictions or limitations imposed on air travel by the authorities.

However, in light of recent situation in Marawi City and the declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao, Cebu Pacific and Cebgo strongly advise all its passengers to allot sufficient travel time to get to the airports due to the heightened security measures being implemented. Heavy traffic is also anticipated around the areas as numerous check points are expected to be put up.

CEB also reminds its passengers of the following:
  • Remember to bring a valid ID* to be presented during check-in and boarding.
  • Liquids, aerosols, and gels inside a hand-carry bag should be in a container (100 ml or less) and they should be placed in a clear, re-se­alable plastic bag.
  • Be conscious in bringing objects with sharp edges (i.e. nail files, nippers, nail cutters, scissors, etc.) as these may not be allowed in your hand-carry baggage
  • If you are bringing gadgets like your laptop, be prepared to take it out for inspection
For flight rebookings or other concerns, guests are advised to contact the Cebu Pacific hotline at +632 7020-888. They may also message the official Cebu Pacific Facebook ( or Twitter (@CebuPacificAir) accounts.

Cebu Pacific sincerely hope for their guests’ understanding, as everyone’s safety remains their priority.

Martes, Mayo 23, 2017

BREVILLElize your lifestyle!

BREVILLE a premier brand of kitchen products designed and engineered in Australia, is set to give out generous discounts starting this month until July with its 5+5 on 5 Promo in all leading appliance and specialty stores nationwide. This could help customers in Breville-lizing their kitchen and help maintain or change to a healthier lifestyle.

All the customers need to do is buy a single unit and get the FIVE ON FIVE PROMO, a 5% off the purchase price, or, any two (2) units in a single receipt and get the FIVE PLUS FIVE PROMO, it’s a 5+5=10% price off and save thousands of pesos with some freebies. Both of these promos are applicable to cash and straight card transactions only, and it cannot be combined with other promos except for the freebies as indicated.

BREVILLE hopes that with this promo, customers could enjoy its kitchen solutions across different product categories, especially with its Juice & Blend products that not only helps in creating healthy juices and smoothies, but also promote wellness by getting more vitamins and nutrients out of fruits and vegetables.

For those who can’t get by the day without coffee or those café owners who would want to have a more reliable partner in the bar, BREVILLE has a lineup of Coffee & Kettle products that would definitely be of great help in those sleepy mornings and busy bars. Not only does it makes producing a cup of Joe easier, but it also could help in extracting those creative juices out with its impressive espresso machines.

BREVILLE also has items to chefs and aspiring home chefs for food preparations. These could not only aid them in the kitchen but also cut the time in preparing dishes, especially when there is a big feast coming up in their busy restaurants or homes. What makes BREVILLE’s Food Preparation items a go-to is its multi-functionality and its ease of use.

Lastly, BREVILLE Hot Kitchen items are sure to ignite anyone’s culinary passion in the kitchen. Whether it is frying, roasting, boiling, baking, steaming, and smoking food to delicious dishes, BREVILLE got it covered for its customers. These BREVILLE items are sure to make things easier in the kitchen, but it also has that elegant design that furnishes any kitchen with that classy and stylish look. 
Breville is exclusively distributed by IAJ Wellness Corporation and available in all leading appliance and specialty stores nationwide. To know more about BREVILLE products, visit  or

Now is the best time to #BREVILLElizeGet 5+5=10% OFF this 5th month of the year when you buy ANY 2 BREVILLE products in 1 receipt. Save as much as Php 15,199.00 + get cool freebies. Bring a friend to any of Brevilles authorized dealers nationwide.

Biyernes, Mayo 19, 2017

Angela Lee looks to extend winning roll in ONE Championship

“I’m very excited to be jumping back into the cage and defending my title for the second time. My last training camp for my first title defense was great. This one is going to be even better. It’s always a treat for me fighting in Singapore as I have great support from all my family and friends. Our styles are very explosive and it will be exciting for the fans to see. I think that Istela is a good opponent for me. She’s a good striker, but I know that I’m much more well-rounded. I feel like I can take this fight wherever I want it. Whether it’s on the feet or on the ground, I’m extremely confident in all areas. I am the more complete fighter, and at the end of the day, that is what it comes down to. I have been doing this my whole life, and when we step into the cage, I know without a doubt I am going to come out victorious.” ~Angela “Unstoppable” Lee, ONE Women’s Atomweight World Champion

ONE Women’s Atomweight World Champion Angela “Unstoppable” Lee is set to square off with Brazil’s Istela Nunes in the main event of ONE: DYNASTY OF HEROES, which takes place at the 12,000-capacity Singapore Indoor Stadium.

As ONE Championship returns to its home-base of Singapore on 26 May, Asia’s largest sports media property has prepared one of its biggest cards yet for 2017. Despite her young age and the ever-increasing pressures around her, Lee is still loving life of being the champion, admitting that she looks forward to her next world title defense.

However, Nunes is an opponent who should not be underestimated as she is a two-time Muay Thai world champion with an unblemished 6-0 professional win-loss record.

Nunes’ exciting style and knack for delivering powerful strikes makes for exciting fights and is one of the biggest components of her game.

The 24-year-old Brazilian striker took on top-rated female atomweight Mei Yamaguchi in her last outing, winning a closely-contested split decision.

At her best, Nunes is a well-rounded combatant with a solid striking and grappling skillset that gave her two career wins by finish.

While Lee is not underestimating the challenge ahead of her at ONE: DYNASTY OF HEROES, she feels that when it’s all said and done, she will have her hand raised in triumph at the end of the fight.

Lee believes that she has what it takes to tame a ferocious striker like Nunes when they collide on 26 May.

The 20-year-old MMA sensation made history in May 2016 by capturing the inaugural ONE Women’s Atomweight World Championship belt with an awe-inspiring victory over Mei Yamaguchi. Considered as the face of women’s mixed martial arts in Asia, Lee is one of ONE Championship’s most outstanding athletes regardless of gender or weight class. Lee’s beautiful combination of elite striking and grappling skills has proven to be a potent formula for success as she has remained unbeaten inside the ONE Championship cage.


For more updates on ONE Championship, please visit, follow us on Twitter and Instagram @ONEChampionship, and like us on Facebook at

About ONE Championshi
ONE Championship is the largest sports media property in Asian history. Headquartered in Singapore, the world’s most exciting mixed martial arts organization hosts the largest sports entertainment events across Asia featuring the best Asian mixed martial artists and world champions, all signed to exclusive contracts, on the largest media broadcast in Asia. ONE Championship is broadcast to over 1 billion viewers across 118+ countries around the world with some of the largest global broadcasters, including FOX Sports, Setanta, MNC, Astro, Thairath TV, ABS-CBN, TV5, MYTV, HTV, OSN and more.

KTM Philippines at the Inside Racing Bike Festival and Trade Show

Motorcycle aficionados and racing enthusiasts joined KTM in its excitement including Department of Tourism Assistant Secretary Ricky Alegre, Wheeltek Big Bikes Division General Manager Bobby Orbe, motorcycle legend Max Kienle and television and movie actor and KTM fan Paulo Avelino.

Making its presence felt in a huge way, KTM Southeast Asia Managing Director Julian Legazpi, Sales Director Gianluca Lozzi, and Adventure Cycle Philippines Inc. President and COO Dino Santos, showed off the exciting, high-powered line of KTM motorcycles—all “Ready to Race”—including the 200 Duke which comes available in the market at 147K pesos.

KTM Philippines made waves during the recently concluded 11th Inside RACING Bike Festival and Trade Show, the biggest gathering of motorcycle manufacturers and enthusiasts held at the World Trade Center.

The event also saw the introduction of 18-year old racing wunderkind Ralph Kenneth Torres, the first sponsored rider to the prestigious KTM RC Cup Asia to be held at the challenging Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia this March to November 2017. Torres has over a decade’s experience on the track, bagging numerous trophies both locally and internationally, among them: the 2015 MOTO IR Champion; 2013 Golden Wheel Award Scooter Champion; 2012 IRGP Scooter Champion; 2010 115cc Underbone King Overall Champion; and the 160cc Scooter Class Overall Champion.

KTM motorcycles are available in existing and expanding KTM dealerships nationwide. For the full listing, visit For details about the KTM RC Cup Asia, go to

KTM Philippines also took the opportunity to proudly announce the forthcoming opening of the KTM Asia Motorcycle Manufacturing Philippines, Inc. (KAMMI) plant in Laguna, a joint-venture partnership between Ayala Group and KTM AG of Austria, that will eventually export motorcycles to China.

Math Geniuses Had Fun with Metrobank Fun Savers Club

(from L-R): Metrobank FSC Product Manager Rose Bulan, Metrobank FSC Mascot Savee, MMC 1 st place Grade 6 Individual Competition winner Rickson Caleb Tan, Grade 6 MMC finalists Nathan Mayer Que, Matthew Charles Carpio, 3 rd place Grade 6 Individual Competition winner Sigfred Kerwayne Kwan, Center for Culinary Arts Director for Business Development and PR Liza Morales and Metrobank Foundation MMC Mascot Mathew

Be an Entrepreneur and Save for Tomorrow (B.E.S.T.) is a series of fun and hands-on learning sessions that aims to empower kids with entrepreneurial knowledge and skills so they can start earning early and develop the habit of saving these earnings. 

The first activity with FSC-partner Center for Culinary Arts taught the Metrobank MMC national finalists the basics of baking cookies and creating a business plan for their cookie business. Metrobank Fun Savers Club (FSC) recently held a B.E.S.T. Kids activity with the 2017 Metrobank-MTAP-DepEd Math Challenge (MMC) national finalists. 


Metrobank Fun Savers Club is a special savings account exclusively for kids and teens under 18 years old. Metrobank FSC is all about promoting good money sense among kids today and is a proud partner of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas "Banking on Your Future Kiddie and Teen Account" Program. Visit or the nearest branch, to know more

Biyernes, Mayo 12, 2017

For the queen this Mother’s Day The gift of healthy "Crowning Glory"

Much to her delight, a bling ring will be worthy of your dear investment to show your deep appreciation of her just like when she never failed to recognize you with a pat on the back for simple good deeds or a job well done in your lifetime.

CLICHE it may be, but there’s indeed a woman behind the person we are today. And that’s no less than her—our mother. We used to call her nanay, inay, ‘nay, mama, mommy or simply mom. Needless to say, she deserves more than that given the pivotal role she fulfills in rearing us from childhood to adulthood and possibly for the rest of our lives. 

There may be opposing beliefs whether that greater maternal instinct is biologically predetermined or socially imposed, but everyone would agree that a mother is hardwired to love and care about the whole family, especially the children, all the time. For better or worse, it’s always the welfare of everyone at home on top of her priority. 

No wonder she’s an epitome of a doting human being that touches everybody’s life. So, it’s but right to honor and return all the favors she has done for us. And what a better way to do this than this Mother’s Day.

Still drooling over the ways on how to spend this time of the year again with her? Well, you may opt for the basics of gift-giving from simple trinkets to expensive items. But take note, your appreciation of her is not equated by the tag price of your present. It’s the thought that counts, as an adage says. 

You may consider a set of hankies that will bring back the memory of her wiping out her tears of happiness upon knowing that she’s conceiving a li’l creature inside her womb. That’s you, of course. A loose yet comfy clothes shall make her remember that sort of a duster or preggy dress she wore in the laborious yet exciting “nine months” of gestation.

Why not a pillow that she could hug as tight as she embraced you after giving birth, or maybe a brassiere for protection of the very bosom she fed you with during infancy? A bed will bring to her mind your tot years when you started to crawl and roll over it freely.

Shoes are a girl’s best friend, too, like your mom. Either sky-high heels or flattering flats, there’s a pair to match every bit of her fantasy. For as long as it brings comfort to her feet, it's more than enough to reciprocate the ease you had when you took your first walk with her guidance back then. If it isn’t her thing, though, a flip-flop will cause her to think that she also disciplined you through the proverbial “rule of slipper” hit on your buttocks while you were growing up.

Stuck for an idea yet? Here’s a simple but meaningful token of gratitude that for sure will make a big difference and, eventually, pull off a surprise for the celebrant herself: The NOVUHAIR 3-in-1 pack which includes the topical scalp lotion, herbal shampoo and conditioner. Yes, you read it right. 

Still not convinced enough, why don’t you spray a liberal amount of NOVUHAIR topical scalp lotion onto your mom’s scalp and massage it for five to ten minutes. You may not even know that with such a plain gesture of yours, it can melt her heart as it reminds her of the past when she used to do the same thing while you were still young, either as a trick to put you easily on a slumber or merely a relief every time you got sick. Those caressing hands of yours, likewise, imbibe your act of giving back the “natural care from mothers” like her. 

Whatever impression it may have on her, what’s tangible she could gain is that you’re giving her nature’s gift of health. NOVUHAIR Topical Scalp Lotion is so unique that it combines 19 natural herbs, essential oils and co-factor nutrients––all working synergistically to help address hair problems from growth to vanishing. This breakthrough product helps to rejuvenate, nourish and maintain the moist of her tress from root to tip, aids in stimulating the growth of her hair and helps prevent it from excessive falling, while improving the overall appearance.

NOVUHAIR 3-in-1 pack is beyond compare. So, don’t think twice to wrap it as your present for her this Mother’s Day and, if ever, for life. Head on to any Mercury Drug and other leading drugstores to get a dose of nature’s answer to hair loss.  For inquiries, call 413-6570 or 0922-8830575, and visit for more details. Follow us on Twitter @NovuhairNatural and Instagram @NovuhairOfficial for promo announcements and exciting updates.

More than anything else, NOVUHAIR 3-in-1 pack may be one of the most precious gifts that your mom could ever receive in her entire life. Well, she’s the most important woman in your life after all. Hence, she deserves to be treated like a queen with that vibrant, bouncy and shiny “crowning glory.”

Citi Priority Build Your Wealth

“With Citi Priority, we are leveraging the experience and expertise we have built as the region’s leading wealth manager.  We are making available a suite of personalized services on a digital platform to assist the emerging affluent in their journey of wealth accumulation.” ~Aftab Ahmed, CEO for Citi in the Philippines
The country’s largest foreign bank unveils latest banking service for emerging affluent

Citi Priority is designed to support the financial needs and banking preferences of the region’s emerging affluent — one of the fastest growing customer segments in Asia. To start a Citi Priority relationship, clients will need P1 million in total relationship balance, which can be parked across savings and checking accounts and time deposits with the bank. 

Building one’s wealth doesn’t come by accident.  It takes years of planning, commitment and discipline – and no other financial institution understands this more than the country’s largest foreign bank.

Citi, the pioneer and leader in wealth management in the Philippines, recently introduced a new banking service targeted for the emerging affluent dubbed Citi Priority.

This latest innovation from Citi provides clients an entrée to global banking services. With Citi Priority, you can enjoy personalized service and access to a menu of relevant products for your growing portfolio.

Why say yes?  As a Citi Priority member, you will have a dedicated team of personal bankers to attend to your financial needs.  If you travel frequently, you can enjoy free international withdrawals from any Citi ATM abroad and with access to the currency of the country you are in.  You can also transfer funds for free to any Citi account worldwide, as much a $25,000 daily.

You could also apply for a Citi Rewards Card and when approved, get 25,000 bonus Rewards Points and waived annual fees.  Should you need a Citi Personal Loan, you can count on lower and preferential rates.

You will also gain access to a complete suite of investment and insurance products through Citi affiliate and brokerage arm, Citicorp Financial Services and Insurance Brokerage Philippines, Inc. (CFSI).  You can take advantage of a convenient feature to automatically transfer a portion of your savings to your chosen investment fund product through CFSI and start growing your investment portfolio.

Upon opening a relationship with Citi, clients with funds of 1 to 3 million pesoswill receive Php 3,000.00 worth of gift certificates from Beyond the Box, while Php 6,000.00 worth of the same goes to clients with funds of 3 million pesos and more!

Learn more about Citi Priority by pointing your browser at, or calling the Citi Phone Hotline at 995 9999.  You may also visit the Citibank branch nearest you.
“New Citi Priority clients can receive as much as P6,000 worth of gift certificates at Beyond the Box if they open on or before June 30, 2017.  This is just the cherry on top of the basket of benefits and services that await them as Citi Priority clients.” ~Rene Aguirre, Retail Bank Head for Citi consumer bank
Invites the public to sample Citi Priority now and take advantage of welcome gifts from its ongoing promotion.


“We are excited to be here in Davao and we are looking forward to our first home game and we hope our fans will turn up in numbers and support the team.  We all are excited, we can’t wait to see you on Sunday.” ~Gary Philips, Australian Head Coach

13 May 2017 - TAGUM, DAVAO DEL NORTE: Davao Aguilas FC is all set for its first home game for the Philippines Football League (PFL), to be held at the Davao del Norte Sports Complex on Sunday, May 14, 2017.  They will be going up against JPV Marikina, which was previously part of the UFL. 

The team is starting to create a following in Davao and nearby provinces; and fans were seen waiting for them when they arrived at the Davao airport last Friday.

Coach Gary has previously worked in 5 different countries, including the National League in Australia.  He was also previously with AFC, for Coach Education and has also handled international men’s and women’s teams.

The team’s goalkeeping coach on the other hand is Australian James Fraser, renowned World Cup goalkeeper for Australia in 1974.  

The team’s impressive line-up is composed of homegrown footballers, national team players and Fil-foreign players.  

Local players include:
  • Team Captain Jason Cordova
  • John Nico Macapal
  • Kim Versales
  • Junell Bautista
  • Philippine Azkals standout Nate Burkey
  • Under 22 mainstays Van Rey Diaz and Richard Talaroc of Misamis Oriental
  • Princeton Josue
  • Davao goalkeeper Roeder Ignacio
  • Tagum native Alexis Cabistante
  • Mujer Sumail, Amir Amaikurut
  • Kahlil Jikiri
  • Justin Cheng
  • John Philip De Los Santos
  • John Resty Gumban
  • Gerald Layumas
  • Jay-Ar Bucayan
  • Stephen Burda
  • Rey Franco De La Torre  
  • Fil-foreign players include Brad McDonald
  • Fil-American right wing Omar Khan
  • Attacker Gilmar Fernandez
  • Midfielder Andreas Esswein
  • Serbian goalkeeper Marko Trkulja
  • Striker Nikola Grubjesic
  • Defender Milos Krstic
  • Dylan De Bruycker, who scored the first goal for the team in last weekend’s match against Ilocos United

Tickets are still available at the stadium.  You can also get free tickets when you register at


Davao Aguilas Football Club (DAFC), was established earlier this year as a professional football club, based out of Tagum, Davao del Norte, in Mindanao.

The coaching staff is headed by Gary Philips, an Australian football veteran. DAFC’s CEO is Ramon Manuel, while its Chairman is Jefferson Cheng.

Expect more from Davao Aguilas FC as they take part in Philippines Football League (PFL) this season!

For more information, please visit

Miyerkules, Mayo 10, 2017

Hey Sugar Ayala Marquee Mall The Safest and All Natural Waxing Experience

“We strive to bring reliable and fast services, but also connect with our customers—it’s a very personal grooming procedure, after all, and we are dedicated to making customers happy and comfortable. Clients expect quality service, superior treatments and affordable prices but not at the expense of a warm and comfortable environment—and that’s exactly what we have waiting for them here.” ~Arvin A. Amaro, Hey Sugar’s Marketing Head.

Living in the Northern part of the Philippines can have its ups and downs. On one hand, year-round sun and fun; on the other, maintaining your body for year-round sunning and funning can be exhausting. 

When you have the option to slip into your shorts and head to the beach or pool any time of the year, the goal is to maintain skin that’s smooth, no matter what season, which can certainly be sorted out by an appointment to your nearest waxing salon. But for Hey Sugar! Waxing Salon, it’s as much about giving clients what they need while making sure that they allow them to feel fabulous about themselves as well. 

Hey Sugar makes all-natural and 100 % Sugar grooming options accessible to clients of all shapes and sizes. They use 100% naturally hypoallergenic sugar wax that minimizes side effects such as allergic reactions and chemical irritations caused by traditional wax—a gentler but no less effective way to keep your skin smooth and hair-free. 

Hey Sugar!’s interiors are renowned for being warm, inviting and discreet. Clients can walk in and expect a clean and sterilized environment ideal for the sensitive beauty routines that they are about to undergo, while still feel like they are about to get pampered and taken care of. 

And best of all, they can rest easy knowing they are in the hands of expert aestheticians who were trained to deliver only the best results. For newbies, this means you can easily ask your aesthetician any question about the process and advantages of sugar waxing and get a clear answer; for veterans, you know you will walk out of your appointment knowing there’s no other destination that can give you the same results using all-organic hair-removal methods. 

At the end of the day, everyone deserves some sugar…and there’s no better place to get it than by heading to Hey Sugar! Ayala Marquee Mall, Pampanga. 


Hey Sugar! Waxing Salon currently has 25 locations nationwide, including in UP Town Center, Festival Supermall, SM Bicutan, SM Sta. Rosa, SM Bacolod, SM Calamba, Unimart Greenhills and our newest branch Hey Sugar Ayala Marquee Mall. To know more, follow them on, and For bookings 09366420530.