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Citi Priority Build Your Wealth

“With Citi Priority, we are leveraging the experience and expertise we have built as the region’s leading wealth manager.  We are making available a suite of personalized services on a digital platform to assist the emerging affluent in their journey of wealth accumulation.” ~Aftab Ahmed, CEO for Citi in the Philippines
The country’s largest foreign bank unveils latest banking service for emerging affluent

Citi Priority is designed to support the financial needs and banking preferences of the region’s emerging affluent — one of the fastest growing customer segments in Asia. To start a Citi Priority relationship, clients will need P1 million in total relationship balance, which can be parked across savings and checking accounts and time deposits with the bank. 

Building one’s wealth doesn’t come by accident.  It takes years of planning, commitment and discipline – and no other financial institution understands this more than the country’s largest foreign bank.

Citi, the pioneer and leader in wealth management in the Philippines, recently introduced a new banking service targeted for the emerging affluent dubbed Citi Priority.

This latest innovation from Citi provides clients an entrée to global banking services. With Citi Priority, you can enjoy personalized service and access to a menu of relevant products for your growing portfolio.

Why say yes?  As a Citi Priority member, you will have a dedicated team of personal bankers to attend to your financial needs.  If you travel frequently, you can enjoy free international withdrawals from any Citi ATM abroad and with access to the currency of the country you are in.  You can also transfer funds for free to any Citi account worldwide, as much a $25,000 daily.

You could also apply for a Citi Rewards Card and when approved, get 25,000 bonus Rewards Points and waived annual fees.  Should you need a Citi Personal Loan, you can count on lower and preferential rates.

You will also gain access to a complete suite of investment and insurance products through Citi affiliate and brokerage arm, Citicorp Financial Services and Insurance Brokerage Philippines, Inc. (CFSI).  You can take advantage of a convenient feature to automatically transfer a portion of your savings to your chosen investment fund product through CFSI and start growing your investment portfolio.

Upon opening a relationship with Citi, clients with funds of 1 to 3 million pesoswill receive Php 3,000.00 worth of gift certificates from Beyond the Box, while Php 6,000.00 worth of the same goes to clients with funds of 3 million pesos and more!

Learn more about Citi Priority by pointing your browser at, or calling the Citi Phone Hotline at 995 9999.  You may also visit the Citibank branch nearest you.
“New Citi Priority clients can receive as much as P6,000 worth of gift certificates at Beyond the Box if they open on or before June 30, 2017.  This is just the cherry on top of the basket of benefits and services that await them as Citi Priority clients.” ~Rene Aguirre, Retail Bank Head for Citi consumer bank
Invites the public to sample Citi Priority now and take advantage of welcome gifts from its ongoing promotion.

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