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Understanding Stress and Reducing Its Effects on Your Health

By Dr. Kent Bradley, Chief Health and Nutrition Officer, Herbalife Nutrition
Did you know that our body does not discriminate between sources of stress – it simply responds to the stress.  So, whether the stress is coming from an actual event – like a car nearly hitting you—or simply a thought – I wonder if I will get hit by a car someday – the body may react in a similar way. Now, in these times when there is so much uncertainty, stress can have a huge impact on our bodies.

So, what is the “stress response” and why do we have it? 
In a nutshell, it is for our own survival.  You see, we are geared towards survival and our minds are constantly on a threat alert.  Some have called this the “fight or flight” response.  I think we all know how it feels – the sudden increase in heart rate perhaps increased respirations, all meant to prepare the body with the oxygen needed to suddenly move into action.  Underlying this is a shower of hormones that stimulate the body’s actions but also have impacts on other aspects of our health.  

We increase the circulation of adrenaline, known as epinephrine, that activates our heart rate, but it also stimulates the release of glucose and fat from storage sites as a source of fuel.  If left unchecked a second response happens that causes the release of cortisol into the bloodstream. Cortisol increases the amount of glucose in our bloodstream and can stimulate hunger which can lead to eating more calories than we actually need and thus becoming overweight or obese.

What does all of this mean when we are under stress from COVID-19 worries?  
Acute stress can be both helpful and harmful to our bodies.  It can be helpful as it forces us to be vigilant in protecting ourselves and our loved ones. It can be harmful because it causes our blood pressure to rise and our heart rate to increase, and for those who have underlying cardiovascular disease, this may trigger a heart attack or stroke.  

However, what is of greater concern is a state of chronic stress, such as many people are experiencing in this time of uncertainty. In this state, the body is continuously activated, resulting in elevated blood pressure and weight gain, which are factors in cardiovascular disease.  Additionally, cortisol is known to reduce the production of our immune protective cells known as lymphocytes.  In the acute phase, we may actually see an increase of these cells, but as we move to a more chronic state of stress the cortisol release leads us to a decrease of lymphocytes making us potentially more susceptible to ineffectively fighting off infection.

Overcoming the “stress response”
So, our perception of threat is what creates a cascade called a stress response.  That response is natural IF there is an actual threat AND if momentary.  However, our health, through the possible impact on weight and blood pressure, can be negatively impacted by this stress cascade if not managed well.

Focusing on reducing our stress and improving our health can be accomplished with a handful of simple practices. I call them my 6 Rs.
  1. Rest - First, get enough sleep!  Adequate sleep is extremely helpful in calming down the stress response.
  2. Relaxation techniques - Deep breathing – whether done through meditation exercises or while you are doing yoga – the key is slow, intentional deep breathing!
  3. Recreation – Keep active while practicing social distancing – whether that means a walk or reading a book (something you love to do).  Taking time for yourself to do something you love to do that involves some form of activity (mental or physical) is helpful!
  4. Relationships – staying connected is so important.  We are meant to be in the community.  We may be physically isolated but that does not mean we need to lose our connections to others. Telephone or video calls can be a great way to stay connected.
  5. Routine – yup, in the midst of change why add another one.  Stay consistent.  Suddenly need to work from home – then get up at the same time, set up an office, and work like you normally would.
  6. Reframing – reassess the perceived stress so it no longer is viewed as a threat.  You may need the help of a coach to help you through the practice of first identifying why something is viewed as a threat and then placing that into a context that is helpful.
At Herbalife Nutrition we have a global nutrition philosophy that recognizes the importance of a holistic approach to health and thus a more resilient response.  Managing your stress is one critical component.  We also believe in the power of community and the importance of a coach who can help you on your journey towards improved health.

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P60M worth of rooms provided by Hotel Sogo to medical frontliners

Our health workers and frontliners who bravely sacrifice their lives and face difficulties during this uncertain time. With the prolonged Luzon-wide lockdown, Hotel Sogo realizes, even more, the importance of their core value –Pagmamalasakit. Even though a lot of businesses have closed down, Hotel Sogo continued its support to the frontliners and LGUs who risk fighting against COVID-19.  

With the prolonged Luzon-wide lockdown, Hotel Sogo realizes, even more, the importance of their core value –Pagmamalasakit. Even though a lot of businesses have closed down, Hotel Sogo continued its support to the frontliners and LGUs who risk fighting against COVID-19.  

As of now Hotel Sogo, the largest hotel chain in the Philippines has provided over 850 hotel room accommodations with a value of PhP 60 million for the frontline medical workers from 11 hospitals in different key cities in the country. Ten Hotel Sogo branches are dedicated to doctors, nurses, paramedics, and other healthcare providers who need a place to rest and sleep until the end of the quarantine phase, for free.

Meanwhile, in cooperation with the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM), Hotel Sogo Alabang branch, just minutes away from RITM, is fully occupied by our fellow frontliners for easier access to safe accommodation and to get the right amount of rest from everyday’s fight against COVID-19.
It all started with the company’s coordination to Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno in providing temporary shelter for our healthcare workers particularly living outside the city since mass transportation is suspended.
“On behalf of everyone here in RITM, we would like to say thank you for the accommodations in Sogo. It’s meant a lot to us. We really appreciate this and it’s been so helpful. This is the time that the doctors can come and sleep because in other accommodations we have only with bunk beds and mats; it’s been such a treat to be able to sleep in a private bed. And also, sleep is absolutely important for your immune system. So, we would like to say thank you because you are saving lives –saving our lives” ~Dr. J.P. Prado of RITM 
The hotel management has also been in touch with the local government of Muntinlupa, especially with Mayor Jaime Fresnedi, in providing the necessary measures in taking care of the city’s frontliners.
“We don’t want our healthcare workers to just sleep in the hospital corridors after long shifts, as they can’t go home and no public transportation.  We want to support their dedication in taking care of the COVID-19 patients, and for that, we want them to have safe, clean and a nice place to stay, and this is our small way to help them, they are truly our heroes.” ~Ms. Sue Geminiano, Marketing Manager of Hotel Sogo 
Hotel Sogo is closely monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak as the management makes sure and strictly implements firm measures and enhanced cleaning protocols to prevent the transmission of the said virus. All employees and guests should pass the disinfection tent and all are subject to body temperature checks before entering the hotel.  Also, hand sanitizers have been placed in common areas and information dissemination has been rolled out as well. Social distancing steps are also being taken seriously to prevent the spread of the virus.

Truly, Hotel Sogo lives up to its so clean…so good state maintaining the cleanliness and providing suitable accommodation to all frontliners making it their home away from home.

To find out more about this and other Hotel Sogo’s campaigns, visit our website at or like and follow Hotel Sogo on Facebook at, Twitter at and Instagram at, and Youtube account at