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Canva unveils a raft of new social media features

“There has never been a more critical time for sharing messages on social media, particularly amid the ongoing pandemic as small businesses work to keep their customers informed, millions of people look to kickstart their own side-hustle and community groups work to stay connected despite being apart. While these product updates will add even more value to Canva’s growing repertoire of marketing capabilities, we hope they’ll also go a long way in keeping people connected, creative, and together. The emergence of these new social networking platforms presents a unique opportunity for content creators to engage with new audiences in ways that weren’t previously possible. We’re thrilled to be rolling out these new templates and publishing options as we double down on our mission of empowering our community to design anything and publish anywhere.~David Burson, Head of Canva Pro
Small businesses, content creators, and marketers can plan and schedule their content in advance with Canva’s new Content Planner
Global online design platform Canva is leading the charge into emerging social networks, it announces a raft of new social media features including the ability to plan and schedule content directly from Canva as well as new templates and publishing options for TikTok and Instagram Reels.
With much of Canva’s early success and exponential growth stemming from the overwhelming need for a quick and easy way to create eye-catching social media content, the design tool is now used by more than 30 million people from 190 countries creating everything from t-shirts to presentations, videos, posters, and more.

As Canva continues to double down on its rapidly growing marketing suite, the company is looking back to its roots, today announced a raft of new features to further empower content creators and small businesses using social media to connect with their communities.

Available from today to Canva Pro subscribers and more than 60,000 nonprofit organizations as part of Canva’s Nonprofit program, Canva’s new Content Planner now makes it possible to schedule upcoming social media content directly from the Canva Editor to a range of social networking platforms, solving the need for manually downloading individual Canva designs or paying for standalone social media scheduling tools.

Canva’s regularly updated library of social media templates provides a wide variety of fresh content ideas with everything from sales announcements to TikTok challenges, and for those looking to publish to multiple platforms at once, Canva’s Magic Resize feature takes time-saving and productivity even further. Gone are the days of creating multiple designs with unique dimensions for each platform. With only a few clicks, Canva can automatically resize and schedule your designs optimized for a variety of social platforms.

With 80% of Canva Pro users using the platform in a marketing capacity, Canva Pro also includes access to an additional 170,000 premium templates and tools such as Canva’s Background Remover, Brand Kit, and the ability to export designs with Transparent Backgrounds.
“Canva's new Content Planner will empower anyone to amplify their social media strategy, engage their online communities and save valuable time and money. We’re excited to be rolling out this new set of marketing tools for Filipino small to medium business owners who can now plan, design, and schedule captivating social media content directly from the Canva Editor.” ~Yani Hornilla-Donato, Canva Philippines Country Lead
In addition to the new Content Planner, Canva has also launched a variety of templates to help content creators capitalize on the mass adoption of both TikTok and Instagram Reels. The new templates are available to all users along with the ability to publish from Canva’s video editor directly to TikTok.

Canva’s Content Planner and scheduling currently supports Facebook pages and groups as well as Twitter, LinkedIn, Slack, Pinterest, Weibo and Tumblr with more platforms coming soon.

About Canva
Valued at $6B USD, Canva is an online graphic design platform used by more than 30 million people from 190 countries. Canva users have created more than 3 billion designs ranging from social media posts to infographics, t-shirts, posters, flyers, invitations, and presentations, with 80 designs created every second.

Shopee Powers Growth for Filipino Brands and Sellers with Enhanced Warehouse and Logistics Capabilities

“Quality and reliable logistics are integral to the online shopping experience. As consumers turn to and rely more on e-commerce, businesses aim to deliver more quickly and efficiently to remain competitive. With this, Shopee has built up a robust logistics ecosystem designed for quality, reliable, and scalable deliveries. We want to simplify logistics for brands and sellers by providing them with solutions that support their business needs. The initiative helps them attract more customers, increase sales, and grow their e-commerce business in the long-term. As the year-end shopping season arrives, Shopee will continue to strengthen its logistics support and maximize growth for sellers and brands. For users, they can look forward to greater value with exclusive free shipping promotions from our trusted logistics partners across the Philippines. In line with our vision to power the future of retail, we will keep evolving our logistics ecosystem so that our users, sellers, and brands can unlock the full potential of e-commerce in the months and years ahead.~Martin Yu, Associate Director at Shopee Philippines

Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, steps up its logistics preparations to help brands and sellers meet the increased online demand in the peak year-end shopping season.

As e-commerce in the region continues to flourish, there is a higher demand for quicker and secure deliveries for online purchases. Shopee offers a robust logistics ecosystem to help brands and sellers meet evolving consumer needs. This year-end shopping season, Shopee commits to strengthening its warehouse and fulfillment support for brands and sellers, enabling them to increase sales and maximize customer satisfaction even as online shopping activity peaks.

Optimized warehouse and inventory support
Shopee has an optimized network of warehouses that form the backbone of its logistics networks in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. They are integrated with the Shopee platform and leverages data to help brands and sellers ship out orders more efficiently.

In the Philippines, its purpose-built Warehouse Management System (WMS) uses data to make smart recommendations to trained warehouse teams, allowing increased efficiency from product picking to dispatching. The WMS uses data to forecast demand ahead of peak shopping periods so that brands and sellers can better allocate their resources. These services help brands and sellers to optimize their inventories and ship out parcels more efficiently, which translates to increased customer satisfaction and drives business growth.

Offering quality, reliable, and scalable deliveries
Shopee has over 100 logistics partners in the region who are highly familiar with local landscapes and provide quality services tailored to consumer needs. Brands and sellers on Shopee can tap on their reliable expertise and extensive coverage to reach customers.

Shopee also has its own Shopee Xpress fleet that specializes in e-commerce deliveries. It provides additional capacity and flexibility for Shopee to scale delivery operations during busy periods, allowing sellers and brands to ship quickly and reliably out parcels during peak shopping seasons.

Shopee’s logistics partners and its own Shopee Xpress fleet are closely integrated with its platform and warehouses. It means that sellers and brands have access to quality and reliable logistics support all year round and can easily manage and track shipments on Shopee.

Driving long-term e-commerce growth for brands and sellers
Shopee’s logistics ecosystem allows sellers and brands to grow their e-commerce business with confidence. Supported by quality, reliable, and scalable logistics on Shopee, brands, and sellers can focus their attention on other vital areas of their business, such as optimizing their product assortment, marketing, and sales.

Shopee’s robust logistics support has enabled sellers and brands to scale their e-commerce business effectively. Across the region, sellers and brands who use Shopee’s warehouse services sell more and ship up to 4 times more parcels than before. It shows how Shopee allows sellers and brands to deliver with higher speed, reliability, and efficiency.

Shopee also enabled sellers and brands to scale their delivery operations in times of peak demand. In the Philippines, the Covid-19 pandemic increased the online demand for Home & Living, Food & Beverages, and Fashion categories. Sellers and brands offering these items on Shopee were able to ship more parcels during this time, allowing them to meet their customers’ needs and grow their e-commerce business.

Download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play.

About Shopee
Shopee is the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. It was launched in 7 markets in 2015 to connect consumers, sellers, and businesses in the region.

Shopee offers an easy, secure, and engaging experience that is enjoyed by millions of people daily. It offers a wide product assortment, supported by integrated payments and logistics, as well as popular entertainment features tailored for each market. Shopee is also a key contributor to the region’s digital economy with a firm commitment to helping brands and entrepreneurs succeed in e-commerce.

Shopee is a part of Sea Limited (NYSE:SE), a leading global consumer internet company. In addition to Shopee, Sea’s other core businesses include its digital entertainment arm, Garena, and digital financial services arm, SeaMoney. Sea’s mission is to better the lives of consumers and small businesses with technology.

Leading Brands and MSMEs Gear Up for Shopee’s Highly-Anticipated 9.9 Super Shopping Day

We appreciate the strong support from MSMEs and brand partners for our 9.9 Super Shopping Day. This year’s key commitment for 9.9 Super Shopping Day is to supercharge recovery for local MSMEs, sellers, and brands, and Shopee has rolled out a wide range of support measures to help them achieve success with us. We will continue to empower businesses of all sizes to unlock growth opportunities at our signature shopping event and deliver our users’ best experience.” ~Ruoshan Tao, Head of Marketing at Shopee Philippines

Leading Brands and MSMEs Gear Up for Shopee’s Highly-Anticipated 9.9 Super Shopping Day. Various brands and sellers are ramping up operational and marketing efforts to offer an elevated shopping experience at 9.9 Super Shopping Day.

Brands and Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are gearing up for Shopee’s signature annual shopping event, 9.9 Super Shopping Day. With more Filipinos going online-first for their shopping needs, the highly anticipated 9.9 Super Shopping Day provides brands and retailers the opportunity to reach more customers and amplify their online presence.

This year, 9.9 Super Shopping Day takes on greater significance in the Philippines, as the nation continues to combat the pandemic and uphold social distancing efforts. The 9.9 Super Shopping Day acts as a springboard for recovery for brands and MSMEs, and is in line with the new normal where consumers are now online-first. Shopee is working closely with brands and MSMEs to bring shoppers the most comprehensive assortment of products at 9.9 Super Shopping Day. It includes greater logistics integration and marketing support, which will help brands and MSMEs make the most of the spike in demand.

Leading brands and MSMEs such as Aukey, Vivo, and Playbookstore have outlined their goals and their plans this 9.9 Super Shopping Day.  

We want to give our customers the best shopping experience with better deals and faster deliveries. It is why we ensure that our inventory can meet the increasing online demand. We also have a dedicated logistics team that keeps track of orders on Shopee, helping us optimize the delivery process so that customers receive their parcels as soon as possible. Along with that, our social media ads will run before the live sale to ensure that our target customers will see our offers during the shopping event. Besides, Shopee offers a wide range of payment options to meet our consumers’ differing needs. It’s especially vital for brands like us who want to reach more clients and customers who don't have debit or credit cards.” ~Janine Mangahas, Brand Manager for Aukey Philippines
Aukey, an electronics and mobile tech accessories company is stepping up logistics coordination with Shopee and optimizing their marketing efforts to maximize higher user traffic at 9.9 Super Shopping Day. 

“We believe that our products help customers stay connected with their friends and loved ones, especially during these difficult times. With this, we plan to offer exclusive discounts on selected smartphones on Shopee and vouchers to provide greater cost savings for our consumers. Also, we find the paid search ads on Shopee very useful because it helps customers find what they are looking for more efficiently. Shopee’s social features such as Shopee Feed and Stories let us engage our fans more easily on the app, making it easy for our customers to stay up-to-date on our latest updates. Besides this, we can build consumer trust in our product quality and our brand image by posting positive product reviews on Shopee Feed.~Tess Xian, Digital Manager for vivo Philippines
Meanwhile, vivo aims to give their customers the best possible deals at 9.9 Super Shopping Day.

“We prepare as early as possible, with our marketing team, designing all our photos and homepage to follow the overall theme of the campaign. During the preparation phase, we worked closely with the Shopee team to set targets, and they always shared with us tips on how to hit those targets, which has been very helpful. Also, we find ShopeePay useful as it makes online shopping more convenient, easy, and secure for our consumers and us. With ShopeePay, our consumers can easily make online payments when they purchase from us. They are also able to make these purchases with the ease of mind because ShopeePay follows strict security standards and is supported by strong infrastructure as well as 24h Customer Service teams to respond to customer queries.” ~Judy Wong, @playbookstore
Judy Wong, @playbookstore
Sellers such as Playbookstore are also mapping out their plans for 9.9 Super Shopping Day. After being on Shopee for three years, Judy Wong, the owner of @playbookstore on Shopee, is a veteran in big campaigns like 9.9 Super Shopping Day. 

Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day
The Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day will run from August 19 to September 9, 2020. It will feature exciting promotions like free shipping with ₱0 minimum spend, daily flash deals for as low as ₱9, and bigger discounts when shoppers use ShopeePay. Consumers will also get huge discounts up to 90% off on leading brands, win exciting prizes via in-app games, and many more.

For more information on the Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day, please visit

Download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play.

About Shopee
Shopee is the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. It was launched in 7 markets in 2015 to connect consumers, sellers, and businesses in the region.

Shopee offers an easy, secure, and engaging experience that is enjoyed by millions of people daily. It offers a wide product assortment, supported by integrated payments and logistics, as well as popular entertainment features tailored for each market. Shopee is also a key contributor to the region’s digital economy with a firm commitment to helping brands and entrepreneurs succeed in e-commerce.

Shopee is a part of Sea Limited (NYSE:SE), a leading global consumer internet company. In addition to Shopee, Sea’s other core businesses include its digital entertainment arm, Garena, and digital financial services arm, SeaMoney. Sea’s mission is to better the lives of consumers and small businesses with technology.

Huwebes, Agosto 27, 2020

Global Peace Foundation, SM Cares to hold virtual Global Youth Summit from Aug. 29-30

Filipino students and youth leaders are in for continued learning and development as international non-profit organization Global Peace Foundation, together with SM Cares, Consuelo Foundation, PLDT, and SM Youth, gear up for this year's Global Youth Summit (GYS) on August 29 and 30. Global Youth Summit will be held via Zoom and will be shown through live streaming at select social media channels. 

In its 8th year, GYS will contribute to the UN 75 Dialogues, the world's biggest conversation on building a better future. The topics selected by youth gather diverse perspectives and creative ideas on what is needed to address emerging risks and opportunities to achieve sustainable development. The views and ideas generated in the virtual summit will be presented to world leaders and senior UN officials on September 21, 2020, at the 75th Session of the United Nations General Assembly.

For this year, the discussions will focus on five critical topics that matter most to the Filipino youth: Health amid the COVID-19 pandemic; Protection and conservation of the environment and natural resources; Educational system reform; the impact of new and digital technologies; and inequality across different aspects of life.

Mental health issues are also a significant concern affecting countless Filipino youth. The 2015 Global School-based Student Health Survey report by the World Health Organization reported that about 17 percent of Filipino high school students aged 13 to 15 had attempted suicide at least once in that year. Health experts also see this concern continues to be worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic in the coming months.

Environmental issues are another primary concern among Filipino youth. Many of them are now participating in initiatives toward environmental protection and preservation, such as the International Coastal Cleanup organized by SM by the BAY and SM Mall of Asia, and other community-based recycling or tree-planting initiatives. 

These and other topics will be at the forefront of the talks during the two-day online summit, which hopes to educate the youth and encourage them to think of solutions for these pressing concerns.

Industry leaders and prominent personalities make up this year's roster of Global Youth Summit speakers. These include Head of PLDT Corporate Communications Group Cathy Yang, Environmentalist and House of Representatives Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda, President and CEO of Consuelo Foundation Greg Auberry, National Chair for Youth for Mental Health Coalition Dr. Raymond Naguit, Director of OECD Paris Andreas Schleicher, television host Kim Atienza, and Agon Hare of popular YouTube Channel "Project Nightfall.”

Global Youth Summit is an annual gathering of students and youth leaders from all over the country and abroad, bringing them together to facilitate meaningful discussions about global issues. The initiative is part of SM Cares' Program on Children and Youth, which aims to empower the youth to become more immersed in the community and nation-building.

SM Cares is the corporate social responsibility arm of SM Supermalls, dedicated to supporting the community through partnerships with stakeholders in the private and public sectors. SM Cares has been a long-time partner of the Global Peace Foundation, a non-profit organization whose goal is to promote "an innovative, values-based approach to peacebuilding."

Global Peace Foundation engages and organizes a global network of public and private sector partners who develop community, national and regional peacebuilding models as the foundation for ethical and cohesive societies.

This year, five outstanding alumni of the Global Youth Summit will be recognized. They embody the spirit of the program and who have actualized concrete initiatives that spark change in their respective communities. They shall receive a grant of Php250,000.00 for their selfless dedication and contribution to the betterment of society.

Interested participants may sign up for this year's virtual Global Youth summit through To know more about the Global Peace Foundation and SM Cares, you may visit and

Lunes, Agosto 24, 2020


Shop for the most amazing stay at home toys for your kids at Toy Kingdom’s newly launched online shopping website-
Kids and kids at heart can now enjoy an amazing shopping experience with Toy Kingdom’s recent launching of its very own shopping website- www. 

Let your kids learn the basics of piano with Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Piano. Shop this now at for only Php 1,999.75. 
Little girls will surely love playing with Baby Alive Blonde Snackin’ Lily Super Snacks Doll. Available for only Php 800.00. 
As one of the leading toy stores in the Philippines and the largest toy store chain in the Asia- Pacific region, Toy Kingdom continues to deliver its mission of providing amazing childhood for kids and creating lasting memories for families even during these trying times.
Kids will have fun and also improve their constructive skills with Lego’s Classic Disney Pixar Toy Story 4 RV Vacation Building Blocks for only Php 3,399.75. 
Young boys will be thrilled with this HotWheels Car and Mega Track pack. Shop this online at Toy Kingdom for only Php 1,200.00.
Through their official e-commerce website, Toy Kingdom customers can now conveniently shop online and choose from a wide variety of toy assortment for babies, kids, tweens and big kids at heart. There are creative play sets, cuddly plush toys, dolls, action figures, innovative arts and crafts sets; as well as indoor and outdoor toys from various brands.

Play Doh’s Kitchen Creations Delightful Donuts set for little foodies. Available at Toy Kingdom for only Php 449.78. 
Nerf’s N-Strike Elite Disruptor for the boys is available at Toy Kingdom’s online shopping website for only Php 400.00.
Toy Kingdom offers various payment options such as credit/debit cards, over-the-counter payments, online bills payment, BPI Online, UBP Online, GCash, and Grabpay. Toy Kingdom also has guaranteed delivery services and 15 days return for online purchases.  They also have various in-store and online promos available. For more details, you can now check out and shop your toy essentials at You can also like @toykingdomPH at Facebook and follow @ToykingomPH at Instagram for amazing toy updates. 

SM Distributes Kalinga Packs to Displaced Drivers in Rizal, Marikina and Pasig

SM City East Ortigas Mall Manager Tyrone Tan turns over Kalinga Packs to Kagawad Girlie Cruz for the residents of Morales Compound of Bgy. Sta Lucia, Pasig City
The public transport sector is one of the hardest hit by the economic crisis due to the pandemic. This sector’s operations have been put into a halt for several months since March 2020. As the government eased restrictions gradually even for public transport, some are still left behind.  

SM Center Angono Assistant Mall Manager Aimee Ramirez hands over Kalinga Packs to members of Ang UnoTODA 
SM City Marikina Mall Manager Francis Cruz helps in loading Kalinga Packs for distribution to transport group beneficiaries 
SM Foundation, Inc. with SM Supermalls and SM Markets team up to extend assistance thru Kalinga Packs to displaced drivers in the country. These Kalinga Packs include 5 kilos of rice and groceries to aid the daily needs of drivers and their families. SM Supermalls in Rizal, Marikina, and Pasig reach out to selected local public transport associations servicing the communities surrounding each mall through the Operation Tulong Express. 

SM Cherry Antipolo Mall Manager Joey Tanyag and Building Admin Officer hands over Kalinga Packs to MMTSOCTODAI president Samson Villanueva

SM City Masinag Mall OIC Raymond Bonifacio helps in loading Kalinga Packs for the jeepney drivers of Padilla, Cogeo, Cubao Drivers Association, Inc. (PACCOCUDAI)
For SM City Taytay, Golden City TODA, SBM TODA, SMTT Blue Cab drivers receive 250 Kalinga packs handed over by SM Regional Operations Manager, Central 3, Mr. Cid Victoria, and SM City Taytay Asst. Mall Manager Paolo Gunao. 144 drivers of SM East Ortigas TODA, Cubaro Jeepney Association, and St. Joseph TODA in Cainta receive Kalinga Packs from SM City East Ortigas headed by Mall Manager Tyrone Tan. SM Center Angono with its Assistant Mall Manager Aimee Ramirez and Building Admin Manager Vennice Atun turns over 425 Kalinga Packs to drivers and operators of Biyaheng Turismo Transport Cooperative, ACACJODAI, ANG UNOTODA, COTODA, and BITODA.

A tricycle driver of ATODA in San Mateo Rizal happily poses with her Kalinga Packs he received from SM San Mateo
Regional Operations Manager Cid Victoria assists a member of Golden City Toda in loading Kaling Packs during Operations Tulong Express in SM City Taytay
On the other side of the East, SM City Marikina with Mall Manager Francis Cruz turns over 280 Kalinga Packs to members of Kalumpang TODA tricycle riders and jeepney drivers of Antipolo – Crossing Transport Service. SM City San Mateo with Assistant Mall Manager Sean Arroyo distributes 487 packs to jeepney drivers of MSMMJODAI, tricycle drivers of ATODA, and UV Operators and drivers of SILATAI.  250 Kalinga Packs are received by tricycle drivers MMTSOCTODA from SM Cherry Antipolo headed by Mall Manager Joey Tanyag. SM City Masinag with Mall OIC Raymond Bonifacio and Assistant Mall Manager Matthew De Guzman also reached out to 470 affected drivers and operators of Pilillia Lakeshore Transport, PACCOCUDAI, and MMTSOCTODA.  

Aside from transport groups, SM Operations Tulong Express distributes 2000 Kalinga Packs to more communities in the East. Among them are Sitios Tibagan and Unirock in Antipolo City, Sitios Tinapahan and Minahang Bato in Angono, Sitio Broadway in San Mateo, Sitio Bilucao in Brgy. Dolores, Taytay, Sitios Tambuli, Tambangan, Kalantiao, Justia in Brgy Kalumpang, Marikina City, and Morales Compound in Brgy. Sta. Lucia, Pasig City

SM Operation Tulong Express is an immediate response activated to extend assistance to communities in the form of basic needs during calamities.