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Work From Home from Your Dream Home-Based Job

“With this new feature, we hope to make the search hassle-free for both the candidate and the employer. Although most of us would want to work at home, there are still some points to consider before taking the final leap, such as your ability to hold yourself accountable to finish your work on time and your general temperament. There are a lot of companies that offer telecommuting or working away from the office as a work option, and a number of them advertise on Gioca, Country Manager, Philippines, the no. 1 job site in the Philippines, responds to this growing need by offering job seekers a dedicated page for work-from-home opportunities, making the job search easy and more efficient. The page recently went live on the last week of October.

Some of the companies that advertise home-based jobs on the site include RemoteStaff, SPN, Teleperformance, 51Talk, and goFLUENT.

To determine if a home-based job is the right fit, lists seven things to consider:

  1. Can your job be done easily from home?
  2. Do you have a dedicated workspace at home to work from?
  3. Do you prefer a flexible working environment or a fixed structure?
  4. Do you work better alone or with your team members?
  5. Does your job require a high degree of face-to-face collaboration?
  6. Are you self-organized and comfortable working independently?
  7. What is your key motivation to work from home?

Being able to work from home has become a necessity for a lot of Filipinos. It allows them to spend more time with their family, save money on food and clothes, and escape the mind-numbing traffic. Meanwhile, more companies are hiring remote workers to get the best possible candidates for a role while also saving on space and money.

Is a work-from-home job for you?
The benefits of remote working are can sometimes far outweigh office-based jobs. According to a study by PGi, a leading provider of collaboration software and services, improved productivity isn’t the only benefit of working from home: 82% reported lower stress levels, 80% experienced higher morale, and 69% reported lower absenteeism.

To search for home-based jobs, just visit

If it turns out that a home-based job
is not for you, there is still hope. 

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