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GEM-Packed Holiday!

It's the season to enjoy delightful shows on GEM! Cheer for a team of underdog players in the sports drama Baseball Brainiacs. Join a group of university students as they make their dreams come true in the relationship drama Sea Side Blue. Attend the reunion of two estranged friends in the mystery special Miman City 2017. Test your general knowledge in the game show Burning Questions! SP1. Finally, end the year with sightseeing and delectable dishes in the cooking travel show MOCO’S Kitchen In Kyoto, and start the next one right with life lessons from We’re Millennials. Got a problem? Special.

Baseball Brainiacs
“You don’t have to be strong to win” is the catchphrase of this unusual coach of a high school baseball team. From being in a top-ranking high school to attending a top university, Tamo Aoshi (Ninomiya Kazunari) has always been on the fast track to success until he met the unexpected shut down of the bio-laboratory where he was working at. Reluctantly, he accepts a teaching position at his alma mater. 

With his unconventional background, Tamo becomes a coach to a small team of incompetent but passionate baseball players who reminded him of his past. How will Tamo confront his past and lead this team of unusual jocks to victory? 

Baseball Brainiacs premieres December 13, every Wednesday and Thursday at 9PM, first and exclusively on GEM.

Sea Side Blue
Third-year university students are at the crossroads of their lives, confronted with life choices. Matsuoka Aoi (Arimura Kasumi) loves the sea but has given up on her dream of oceanographic research due to her parents’ objections. However, life begins to change for her as she meets students of Kaiyo University at an aquarium they are working in. Love and friendship are entwined as the eight youths pursue their dreams together. 

Sea Side Blue premieres December 30, every Saturday at 7.30PM, first and exclusively on GEM.

Miman City 2017
Twenty years ago, a group of teenagers and children became the only survivors after a mysterious virus caused the death of all the adults in the city. In this lawless and chaotic city, Shindo Yamato (Domoto Koichi) and Takigawa Takeru (Domoto Tsuyoshi) with their friends lead these unsupervised children to achieve peace and stability. When all was settled, they parted ways with a promise to meet again in twenty years’ time. Now as 38-year-old men, will they remember their promise? What happened to the city? Was the virus completely eradicated?

Miman City 2017 premieres December 25, Monday, at 9PM, first and exclusively on GEM.

Burning Questions! SP1
This is the ultimate true or false quiz show! Educational yet entertaining, there is no shortage of questions to pique your interest. The celebrity contestants must score the highest number of points to win and get a chance at the final challenge. Their general knowledge is put to the test with intriguing and bizarre questions. Statements from Mr. True and Mr. False muddle the minds of the contestants. Will they be fooled into answering differently? Who will emerge as the winner?

Burning Questions! SP1 premieres December 24, Sunday at 8.30PM first and exclusively on GEM.

MOCO’S Kitchen In Kyoto!
Once again, Mocomichi Hayami travels out of his kitchen. This time he explores the beautiful city of Kyoto! Let MOCO bring you around to see the sights of Kyoto and explore the food that are special to the city. Watch him put on his apron and cook up a storm topped with the flavors of Kyoto.

MOCO’S Kitchen In Kyoto! premieres December 31, Sunday at 8.30PM, first and exclusively on GEM.

We’re Millennials. Got a problem? Special
Masakazu, Kazutoyo, and Maribu are three individuals from the Yutori or “pressure-free” generation with different family backgrounds. As adults, they grow to realise that life is not as simple as they thought it will be. One year has passed since they try to cope with real world problems of love, work and family. Have their lives improved in this one year? What were the changes for their families and themselves? Have this “pressure-free” trio achieved their dreams?

We’re Millennials. Got a problem? Special premieres January 1, Monday at 9PM, first and exclusively on GEM.

GEM is available on SKYCable Channel 116 in Metro Manila and on Channel 222 in Cebu, Davao, Bacolod, Iloilo, and Baguio. 

*Credit images to GEM and Nippon TV

About GEM 
GEM is the glittering jewel of Asian general entertainment.  A joint venture between Sony Pictures Television (SPT) Networks and Nippon Television Network Corporation, GEM enjoys access to more than 500 hours of Japanese content per year exclusively from Nippon TV. 

The channel features first-run and exclusive dramas, comedies and variety entertainment shows from Japan as well as other Asian territories including China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. This includes selected prime time dramas on the same day and within the same week of their broadcast in Japan.  GEM also made history for being the first channel to broadcast Nippon TV’s music festival ‘THE MUSIC DAY’ LIVE, and for simulcasting the Japanese drama series ‘Guard Center 24’ at the same time as Japan.  In addition, GEM takes its shows beyond the screen and into the lives of viewers, and most recently brought Japanese star Hayami Mocomichi on promotional tours to meet with his fans in Hong Kong and Singapore.

GEM Vietnam, which is also part of the Asian channels portfolio, is wholly-owned and operated by SPT Networks.

About Sony Pictures Television Networks, Asia
Sony Pictures Television Networks, Asia was established in 1997 with Singapore as the Asian headquarters of Sony Pictures Television’s networks business. It operates five ad-supported 24/7 channels which are wholly-owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment.

AXN is Asia’s home of thrilling entertainment; Sony Channel is the premier destination for female-skewing Hollywood entertainment; Animax offers anime for all; ONE is powered by prime and current South Korean entertainment content; and GEM serves up star-studded and popular general entertainment programming from Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea. The company also operates joint-venture Indonesian telenovela channel FMN and children’s content channel BabyTV. 

About Nippon Television Network Corporation (Nippon TV)
Nippon TV is recognized as Japan’s viewer ratings champion having topped all timeslot categories for three consecutive years and garnering the largest profits in the country’s broadcasting industry. One of the biggest successes for the nation’s finest producer of all genres of programming is “Dragons’ Den,” a globally successful business show format that has sold into more than 30 territories including the UK, Canada, Australia, Russia, Germany, India, Italy and Nigeria. The Emmy award winning version, “Shark Tank”, airs in the US. Following closely is the success of “Mother,” a scripted format that has become a big hit in Turkey and has sold into many territories around the world. With well-established companies that deal in a broad range of businesses from animation, movies, events, to fitness clubs, Nippon TV is leveraging its coveted platform to revolutionize digital media in an ever-changing industry. Launching a channel in Southeast Asia named GEM through a joint venture with Sony Pictures Television Networks, and leading the digital content market through Hulu Japan- a subsidiary that boasts the largest SVOD subscriber base in the country, Nippon TV is steadily solidifying its presence and brand as a global media powerhouse.

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