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Patch your way to wellness with LifeWave’s wearable wellness products

“Stem cells are the foundation of health. If you have less stem cells, you will get sick. It is your primary source of defense. As we grow older, the number of stem cells in our body decreases. What is nice about this product is that you wear it and you do not drink or take it. This is not a drug, not a pill, no chemicals added. It is a patented product.” ~Dang Gilera, LifeWave Philippines General Manager

There’s a company that’s making its presence felt in the health and wellness market because of its very unique products. The primary purpose of LifeWave, an advanced technology company, is to improve the health and wellness of every Filipino without the use of drugs or chemicals. What LifeWave offers are wearable wellness patches that boost cellular activity using light.

David Schmidt, LifeWave’s Founder and CEO

This technology was developed by David Schmidt, LifeWave’s Founder and CEO. Schmidt founded LifeWave in 2002 as a research company based on a newly patented technology for enhancing health through a novel form of phototherapy he had invented.

The United States Navy recognized Schmidt’s innovative work and invited him to join an elite research team that developed mini-subs or midget submarines. Schmidt attempted to help the crew of the mini-sub stay awake without the use of drugs. He investigated natural methods for increasing the body’s energy. Three years of research led to the creation of the Energy Enhancer Patch, the first LifeWave prototype.

LifeWave’s flagship product is X39®, a stem cell activator patch.

LifeWave X39, LifeWave’s flagship product
She added that when you place a LifeWave X39® patch on the recommended acupressure points on your body, it will help grow your own stem cells. Most X39® product users attest that you feel the effects right away.

Immediate success
LifeWave was launched in August 2004 and was an immediate success, generating US$17 million in sales in its first year. Since then, LifeWave has grown into a multinational corporation with offices in the United States, Ireland, Taiwan and distribution in over 100 countires.

LifeWave made its way to the Philippines back in 2018 with a pre-launch in December. The grand launch happened in March 2019. However, the COVID-19 happened a year after and LifeWave’s plans had to be set aside.

LifeWave X39® is the company’s best-seller.  “It is clinically proven to provide the body with a level of health and vitality that users would not have experienced since their youth.” This advanced technology product provides health benefits like rapid pain relief, reduced inflammation, supports wound healing, energy and vitality, metal clarify, enhances sports performance, faster recovery from exercise and improved skin appearance.

The other products that Schmidt developed for LifeWave that are available in the Philippines aside from X39® include X49™,  Energy Enhancer®, IceWave®, Silent Nights®, Y-Age Aeon®, Y-Age® Glutathione, Y-Age® Carnosine, SP6® Complete, AcuLife, and Alavida™ Regenerating Trio LifeWave’s skin care products.

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