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How international work experience can boost your career

They say that travelling or living in a different country is the ultimate life education – you get to learn new cultures, language, skills and values that can help you develop and grow as an individual.
Healthcare job applicants who are looking to further their careers while attaining personal growth, can gain all that and more by exploring great opportunities abroad. And TrueProfile, a platform that provides Filipino healthcare professionals around the world with the tools they need to secure a lucrative career abroad, further emphasizes this as it lists the benefits of an international experience:   
Great healthcare training opportunities. Many overseas countries are well-equipped with advanced healthcare facilities which may be new to you. This can serve as a great training ground for you to develop professionally, as you are exposed to different medical technologies and techniques that will be valuable as you continue to practice your profession.  
Great global network. When you start working abroad, you will get to meet fellow healthcare professionals who can share useful insights and experiences. You will also learn a lot by networking with fellow Filipinos in the healthcare profession. For instance, by  registering as a member at, you will get  access to a community of health workers based in different countries who can share tips that can help you look for jobs abroad, first-hand experiences in your target country and  updates on the latest trends and  developments within your industry.
Valuable employee traits. Living abroad puts you in situations that compel you to harness invaluable life skills such as decision-making, problem-solving, adaptability, and social interaction. By having an international exposure, you discover more about your strengths and weaknesses, and develop your versatility and readiness. In the work setting, these qualities will be very useful when trying to overcome challenges or when working with a team with different working styles and cultural backgrounds. 
A host of better opportunities await you. If you’re a healthcare job applicant looking for better career opportunities, gaining  overseas experience can greatly help you achieve just that. You can take the first step by checking out the host of job opportunities available on the website. Simply visit the ‘Jobs’ tab on page ( and explore job openings that are suitable for your skills set and expertise.
Simultaneously, you can start creating your account. To register, visit Once registered, click on “Career Toolkit'' and “Verification” to see the different verification options. You can start building your digital resume and make it more visible to prospective employers by choosing the Profile Visibility Preferences on your account.
To know more, visit 

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