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UE Jam Sessions pay it forward with a music video of Gloc-9 and Jenny Legaspi’s inspirational anthem

"I’m really proud of the 158 students who participated and made this project possible. Their cumulative efforts have produced an inspiring and powerful visual filled with passion and love for the country. I’m happy of the outcome.” ~Tommy Tanchanco, Executive Producer
UE Jam Sessions

UE Jam Sessions has finally debuted the music video of “Lalaban Tayo (The Renewal of Honors), featuring one of the most prominent Filipino rap icons, Gloc-9. Initially premiered on Apple Music, Spotify, and Deezer, the video has been making rounds on YouTube since last night, November 22 at exactly 7pm.

UE Jam Sessions

Drawing inspiration from real-life experiences during the pandemic, UE-student dancers appeared throughout the music video with their unique interpretation of the material.

Even Gloc-9 himself shared appreciation for the organization through his Facebook post of the audio track with the caption, "Salamat sa UE Jam Sessions for this collaboration."

UE Jam Sessions

The MV of “Lalaban Tayo” (The Renewal of Honors) is helmed by Cher Manulit, a 3rd-year student from UE.

Check out the music video here.

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