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Ongoing from November 16 – 30, you can join and pass the love this Christmas thru WalterMart's Handog Pamasko program. You can donate one gift pack with your transaction purchases at Online WalterMart Delivery's platform www.waltermartdelivery.com with a minimum of 2,000 groceries and WalterMart Supermarket's (in-store) Php150 “PaskoLove” basket at the store's check out counters.

Christmas is just around the corner and WalterMart is set to pass the love to chosen frontliners recipients of the community – medical frontliners, teachers, farmers, and police with its “Handog Pamasko” program which runs from November 16 – 30, 2020.

For Filipinos, Christmas is that time to reconnect with their loved ones and celebrate endless reasons to be thankful even in these trying times. This is where WalterMart stays committed to its promise of being the friendly community hero by sharing the love #WMPaskoLove to frontline heroes this Christmas thru WalterMart gift baskets and providing an easy, fun , and safe shopping experience to customers. Check out the #WMPaskoLovevideo at https://fb.watch/1O60uL3YSb/.

WalterMart Supermarket passing the love to policeman this Christmas thru a gift pack from Handog Pamasko program.

WalterMart brings holiday cheer and love to dedicated teachers this holiday season with its Handog Pamasko gift pack.

WalterMart shares the love this Christmas to medical frontliners with Handog Pamasko gift pack.

WalterMart not only supports local farmers in selling their homegrown products at farmgate prices but also shares love this Christmas with a Handog Pamasko gift pack.

You too can pass the love by joining WalterMart's Handog Pamasko program. Customers can donate one gift basket to recipients thru their Online WalterMart Delivery's transaction order with a minimum purchase of 2,000 groceries from www.waltermartdelivery.com or In-Store WalterMart Supermarket's purchase of “Php150 PaskoLove Basket” which is available at the store's check out counters.

You can donate and join the WalterMart's Handog Pamasko with your purchase of this Php 150 PaskoLove Basket which is available at the store's check-out counters from November 16-30, 2020.

Watch out for WalterMart's Pasasalamat Sale on November 27 – 30, 2020.

For more updates, visit our facebook page @WaltermartSupermarket, @WalterMartMallofficial and @WDepartmentStore. Or check our website at www.waltermart.com.ph

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