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Kickstart Football CANCER SUCKS CUP 2017

“I was really touched. When I shared my mom’s condition to my partners at KickStart Football, they immediately thought of organizing the event. When cancer strikes a family member, he or she is not the only one with the disease. It is shared by everyone in the family.” ~JB Bolaños, whose mother Paulina was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer
Patrick Maramara, celebrity-host Steven Silva, Aine Babiera, and JB Bolaños, organizers of KickStart Football’s 1st Cancer Sucks Cup 2017.  Photo by Doc Marlon Pecjo.  Jerseys by Rad Chameleon.

KickStart Football Holds the 1st Cancer Sucks Cup 2017 to Kick Cancer Out of People’s Lives. Aiming to raise funds for people battling cancer, KickStart Football is set to hold the Cancer Sucks Cup 2017 on August 19 and 26 at the Blue Pitch in Circuit, Makati City. This year’s event is co-presented by Fuda Cancer Hospital in Guangzhou, China in cooperation with Capital Sports & Events.

Sixteen (16) teams will compete with each other in the Mixed Chill division.  Each team is required to have at least two female players on their roster, with at least one of them playing on the pitch at all times.  Meanwhile, the Mixed Open division will field 24 teams which could compete in any combination of players.
“Supporting this event is like hitting two birds with one stone: you get to help cancer patients, and at the same time you get to promote fitness activities like football.  Exercise and sporting activities help lower stress levels, detoxify the body, and promote over-all wellness.  All these are very important in preventing dreaded diseases like cancer.” ~Segundo Cruz, III, Fuda Philippine Representative 
The fund-raising tournament is divided into Mixed Chill and Mixed Open divisions, both following a 7-a-side format.  Open to amateur players only, both categories require a minimum of seven and a maximum of 12 players per team for Mixed Chill and 15 players for Mixed Open.

“Football is the beautiful game.  It becomes more beautiful, when it brings people together for a worthy cause,” says Garcia.  Capital has asked their registered participating teams to join the Cancer Sucks Cup in lieu of the Capital Cup.  “We’re supposed to kick for fun, but this time, we will kick for a reason.” ~Paulo Miguel Garcia, Capital Sports & Events
Fuda Cancer Hospital is a well-equipped cancer treatment center that is well-known for their minimally invasive therapies, innovative treatments and conventional methods of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery.  Welcoming patients with medium or advanced cancer which is treated as a medical difficulty, Fuda adopts the latest international anticancer concept by applying its “3C+P” treatment model composed of Cryosurgical Ablation (CSA), Cancer Microvessel Intervention (CMI), Combined Immunotherapy for cancer (CIC), and Personalized therapy, as well as other new technologies.  The hospital has gained a great reputation from many countries around the world, including all Southeast Asian countries, Europe, and the US, for its excellent medical service quality.  Mrs. Bolanos has recently started her treatment at Fuda, and is optimistic that she will be cured of her disease, especially with the support of family and friends, including the Manila football community.
“We at KickStart Football believe that the football community should share the passion for the sport alongside a strong compassion for those who are in need.” ~Steven Silva, Celebrity Host 
Other major event partners include Rucs Group of Companies (official out-of-home advertising provider), Cebu-based Rad Chameleon (official jersey partner), Xentro Malls, Timberland Philippines, and Monster Mojo, and Mizuno.
“When JB (Bolaños) shared his mom’s condition, we felt that we should do something.  My mom battled cancer, too, and I know that his family’s journey in battling the Big C won’t be a walk in the park.   Football is a team sport, and we are his teammates not only on pitch but, more importantly, off pitch.” ~Patrick Maramara, KickStart Football co-founders 
The Cancer Sucks Cup 2017 is also supported by Black Mamba Energy Drink, Gardenia, and Hammer Nutrition Philippines.  Behind-the-scenes support includes top fashion and lifestyle photographer Doc Marlon Pecjo; and KickStart Football’s friends and volunteers Nikki Mensenares, Ays Bernal, Eric Enriquez and Ad Arcolas all for creative design.  The event’s marketing efforts is meantime powered by Bolaños’ own Bond Marketing Solutions and Plug & Play 360 Marketing.
“We are all here to help him kick cancer out; that’s what teammates are for.” ~Aine de Guzman-Babiera, KickStart Football co-founders
KickStart Football is an organizer of football trainings and open plays for fun and for the love of the sport.  Established in December 2016, the group and has been successful in building a community of football enthusiasts mostly composed of young professionals, a number of which are beginners.  Trainings and games are held every Wednesday and Saturday, 10PM to 12AM at Sparta Philippines in Mandaluyong City.  Those who are interested to join KickStart Football and the Cancer Sucks Cup 2017 can inquire through KickStart Football’s Facebook page.

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