Miyerkules, Agosto 16, 2017

Families savor Ulam Swap from oven roasted chicken Chooks-to-Go

Chooks-to-Go, the country’s leading roasted chicken chain with over a thousand rotisserie outlets nationwide, endeavors to help on-the-go moms by offering oven-roasted, best value chicken as the hardworking moms’ di basta-bastang ulam na uwi.

But for hardworking moms who are pressed for time to prepare the family meal, serving a delicious ulam is a challenge that they often end up buying whatever is available in food stands or whatever is left in the neighborhood eatery.

To highlight their commitment, Chooks-to-Go recently conducted “Ulam Swaps” in Caloocan City and Quezon City. 

At the Quezon City Memorial Circle, Chooks-to-Go mascots Tom Crew and Chikoy approached families and groups having a midday picnic and asked if they wanted to swap their food for the healthy, juicy and delicious chicken that’s masarap kahit walang sauce.

The families were at first surprised with the ulam swap but accepted the offer, especially upon smelling the savory aroma of the oven-roasted meal.

The other ulam swap activities randomly selected customers of eateries in the target areas who surprised their families by bringing home Chooks-to-Go.

Chooks-to-Go embarked on this campaign to remind consumers, especially moms, that with Chooks-to-Go oven-roasted chicken, they can always bring home the best take-home ulam for their families to enjoy.

So moms, don’t settle for less in providing great food for the family. Head to the nearest Chooks-to-Go outlet and take home an affordable, special meal—an oven-roasted chicken that’s ‘di basta-bastang ulam na uwi.

Filipinos love to eat anytime, anywhere, but it is the tanghalian and hapunan at home that most people look forward to, especially since they get to sit down with the family to delight in their favorite ulam that is lovingly cooked by mom.

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