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Mobile Legends Bang Bang and Facebook Gaming are excited to share with you their latest collaboration called Crazy Legends

Mobile Legends Bang Bang x Facebook Gaming launches Crazy Legends community event Online gamers are in for another treat as Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) Facebook Gaming organizes a new community event called Crazy Legends!

Mobile Legends Bang Bang, in cooperation with Facebook Gaming, prepared lots of surprises for its avid players who will participate in Crazy Legends event. All they need to do is to watch their favorite celebrity e-sports players complete quests via game streaming. 

The popular multiplayer battle game chooses 10 well-liked Pinoy MLBB streamers to take on their challenges starting March 11 to April 8.

(From left to right: Mobile Legends streamers Le Josette, Akosi Dogie, cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao, MRVii, Yasumeow, Solid MB, Bubble Gang star/comedian Moymoy Palaboy, YuriGaming, Yakou and Z4pnu.)
These celebrity streamers are Alodia Gosiengfiao, Ako si Dogie, Le Josette, Moymoy Palaboy, MRVii Gaming, SolidMB, Yasumeow, Yakou, YuriGaming, and Z4pnu.

Each of these players will form a group or by themselves that will take on the weekly Mobile Legends challenge. 

Prior to game streaming, they will draw five (5) quests through a raffle page designed by MLBB creator Moonton. 

The celebrity streamer must relate these challenges to the community before playing Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

Then, the celebrity streamer and his/her group will be given 10 minutes to plan their strategy. After that, celebrity gamer must state the slogan “What could be worse” to mark the start of their three-hour game. 

Each group needs to complete at least three of these quests within the three hours of game streaming in their respective channels or Facebook pages. Failure to do so may lead to a penalty, which will be drawn from the same raffle page. 

Meanwhile, Crazy Legends event encourages team work within the community by letting spectators help their favorite MLBB celebrity players to strategically finish the challenges. 

And while watching the three-hour game, Moonton and Facebook Gaming will drop random giveaways for the viewers. 

Viewers must make sure that their MLBB account is linked to Facebook to receive the stream rewards—which may consist of rare or limited skins, fragments, and emblem. Of course, everything is permanent!

Bigger surprises awaits the community of the winning celebrity streamer as Moonton will host a huge drop event after the four-week Crazy Legends event. 

Crazy Legends streaming schedules of each celebrity gamer will be posted on Mobile Legends Bang Bang app and on its Facebook page.

Watch also for the weekly highlights of the live streams, leaderboard, and scoring to be published by Moonton within the Facebook page. 

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