Lunes, Marso 25, 2019

How to Fall in Love with Your Kitchen... Again?

A kitchen is a place of reinvention, imagination, and experimentation. It welcomes trial and error. Every spill and stain on each surface sticks in your memory. Here, you stumble, yet, you pursue good decisions for an active and healthy lifestyle. You shave off a little from your monthly food budget so that your shelves are well-stocked. You remember good times—delicious times. 

However, the kitchen is one of the hardest parts of the house to maintain. Not only is it difficult to organize cooks wares, but it can also be tasking, especially when you see that things are not in good condition or properly stored. 

To savor only good memories, Beko Philippines, empowering new generations to live healthier, in line with its Eat Like a Pro advocacy, listed fun activities to make your kitchen an ideal setting for healthy meal preps. Make this area of your house into something that resembles your proper lifestyle choices. 

Remember the day you promised to take better care of yourself by eating healthy? Why not start by reorganizing the pantry and put careful thought in each produce you place inside.

Check around and discard anything that went beyond its expiration date, as well as disposing rusted utensils. A clean slate would allow a brighter vision for food preparation and goal-setting. Your kitchen wall is your new springboard for future activities involving a ton of fun, healthy activities. 

You know how boring it is to stay with a plan, especially at the beginning. You can avoid this slump by adding a few changes to your culinary setting. Tap into your creativity and add a few patterns to your walls or floors. Investing in a few kitchen products cements the idea that you plan to take this lifestyle with you as you grow in the coming years. 

Group fruits in a basket. Place basic cooking essentials like salt, pepper, and eggs on a counter within arm’s reach. Make sure to only group groceries that are only beneficial to you. Instead of a sugar station, swap it with stevia or honey. Store herbs and other seasonings, not cookies, in jars. For a feeling of warmth, hook garlic on walls. Label things in the pantry if necessary. This tasteful arrangement appeals to your eyes and sets a commitment to pursue dietary ambitions. 

Now that you know where things are, it’s time to prepare dishes with your new kitchen items. Blend smoothies using recipes you’ve been craving to try out. Add energizing scents like citrus or cinnamon in the air as a cue for creative creations. Invite someone over to witness all the hard work you’ve put into the place and talk about how you’ll carry this discipline and creativity into your activities. 

Give yourself a pat on the back now that you’ve organized the pantry, restocked all the basics, and cleaned the walls and the floors. But, don’t stop there. Consider getting another home solution that fits in with the new kitchen look. 

To ensure that fruits and vegetables stay fresh, consider using RDNT360E20VZWB, a 12.7cuft, Top Mount No Frost, Dual Cooling Inverter Refrigerator by Beko Philippines. 

The refrigerator provides a decent space in its special crisper compartment for storing snacks and has an EverFresh+® technology, which regulates and controls humidity to allow produces to stay fresh for up to 30 days. 

Along with giving a handy space for your snacks, the refrigerator also has Beko Active Fresh Blue Light™ technology that continues the photosynthesizing process of your fruits.

The RDNT360E20VZWB comes with IonGuard®, a technology that removes odors in your fridge by circulating negative ions that remove bacteria and other odor-causing particles, as well as NeoFrost™ dual cooling technology that keeps products in the freezer fresh while avoiding excess ice. 

Finally, RDNT360E20VZWB offers its Beko ProSmart™ Inverter Compressor Motor. This technology enhances the cooling efficiency of the refrigerator maintaining an even temperature inside which keep produces fresher longer without consuming much energy, and electricity, while the compressor remains silently running. 

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