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Get ready to scream in SM Cinema’s 1st Sine-Sindak Horror Film Festival at SM Malls in Rizal, Marikina

This coming Halloween, prepare yourselves to be horrified and get ready for your loudest scream as SM Cinema, the largest film exhibitor in the country, together with CrystalSky Multimedia, a key distributor of internationally renowned films, brings you the scariest film fest of the year, the 1st ever Sine-Sindak Horror Film Festival!  Visit SM City Angono, SM City East Ortigas, SM City Masinag, SM City Marikina, SM City San Mateo and SM City Taytay to catch the Sine-Sindak movies featuring eight (8) international horror films that will surely send shivers down your spine.

The Hoarder (USA)
Ella (Mischa Barton) discovers her boyfriend is renting a secret storage unit, which she initially thought her partner is using as a hideout for his affair. Unfortunately, she together with her best friend Molly (Emily Atack), discover something more terrifying instead. She will also meet a group of strangers to help her face a deranged killer lurking in the darkness.

The Dead Room (USA)
Witness the terrifying ordeal of two cynical scientists (Jed Brophy and Jeffrey Thomas) and a young psychic (Laura Petersen) as they encounter a powerful spirit protecting the secrets of an old farm house.

Urban Evil (South Korea)
An award-winning movie from South Korea, Urban Evil will follow the story of a mutant boy who must face the uncanny exorcisms in his home town.

Lavender (USA)
Starring Abbie Cornish, this film follows the life of a photographer after she suffered from a severe memory loss. A concerned psychiatrist (Justin Long) tries to help her recover her lost memories and unravel the secrets of her forgotten past.

Darkness Rising (USA)
Madison (Tara Holt) together with her friends, Jake (Bryce Johnson) and Izzy (Katrina Law), visits their old house where her family was massacred. And as the lone survivor, she looks for her mysterious past but unfortunately, she also awakens the detrimental evil residing there.

Hollow One (USA)
Rachel Wade (Kate Alden) and her younger sister go to an isolated community and find their missing father after the tragic death of their mother. Instead of getting answers, Rachel must face her family’s dark history and a mysterious figure to fight for their survival.

The Lost Case (Thailand)
A Thai movie, The Lost Case follows the story of two newbies in a production company producing a popular television show called Ghost Doctor TV. They were assigned into a suicide case and as they continue investigating, the two are about to deal with the most horrifying and terrifying encounters of their lives!

Grace (Thailand)
Another movie from Thailand, Grace features a girl with the name, Grace, as she and her brother plan to kidnap Care, a famous internet idol. Grace, also a former internet idol will show the world how crazy and pathetic she is as she tortures the internet personality.

The House On Pine Street
A psychological horror about a young woman coping with an unwanted pregnancy after moving into a seemingly haunted house.

Exit Humanity
A young man struggles to survive in the aftermath of a deadly undead outbreak during the American Civil War.

As a treat to the brave moviegoers, a Sine-Sindak Horror Film Festival ticket is priced at Php 99.00. And for those who want to finish the scary ride and enjoy all the horror flicks, an unlimited all-day pass is also offered at Php 199.00 each.

Watch Sine-Sindak movies from October 24 to 30, 2018. Book your tickets through the website, or download the SM Cinema mobile app.  You may also follow /SMCinema on Facebook and @SM_Cinema on Instagram for updates!

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