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Bloggers Philippines is an Official Media Partner for the upcoming RAWR Awards 2018 brings back #RAWRAwards2018 on November 14, Wednesday, 6pm at Le Rêve Pool Party Venue and Events Place. The annual award-giving body is backed up by the Filipino blogging community, particularly the entertainment blogs spearheaded by the aforementioned site.

A total of 25 awards are at stake in this year’s RAWR Awards. Dubbed as a spectacle of entertainment celebrities; apart from a 250-strong support from the new media practitioners (bloggers) across the country, PR groups are all in support as well as the respective fans of the listed nominees.

The awards are grouped under three major categories—Lion, Cub and Pride.


Love Team of the Year
This is presented to the tandem that is most-loved by our dear LionhearTV Cubs. It is a pair that has captivated the hearts of many. Not only do they make their fans believe in love, but they also set a good example for their followers and to the younger generation as well. They are two individuals that people can look up to on-and-off cam.

  • Actor of the Year
The recognition is given to an outstanding male star. He stood out from the rest of nominees for the said category. He has shown versatility and impressive performance for his craft; set a standard. He effectively portrayed the role or the character assigned to him and has affected a great audience, as well.
  • Coco Martin (FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano)
  • Joshua Garcia (The Good Son)
  • Dingdong Dantes (Sid & Aya)
  • Alden Richards (Ala-Ala),
  • Daniel Padilla (The How’s Of Us)
  • Christian Bables (Signal Rock)
  • JM de Guzman (PHR Presents Araw-Gabi)
  • Paulo Avelino (Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral)
Actress of the Year
This is to salute the exceptional performance of an actress. She broke all the norms. She is a woman of both substance and talent, her character has empowered the female populace. The award spotlights how the female artist has debunked the double standards of Filipino on women and has proven that women can take big roles, too.
  • Sunshine Dizon (Ika-6 Na Utos)
  • Glaiza de Castro (Liway)
  • Aiai Delas Alas (School Service)
  • Bela Padilla (St. Gallen)
  • Sarah Geronimo (Miss Granny)
  • Anne Curtis (Buybust)
  • Erich Gonzales (The Blood Sisters)
  • Kathryn Bernardo (The Hows of Us)
Favorite Performer
The award is for the artist who nailed both singing and dancing as well. He or she is a true ‘performer’ all-through-and-through and has owned the stage; outdone the strong competition he or she had to face. The award signifies versatility.
  • Sarah Geronimo (This 15 Me)
  • Jona (PRIMA Jona)
  • Morissette Amon (Morissette is Made)
  • Anne Curtis (Anne Kulit)
  • Maja Salvador (Maja on Stage)
  • Alden Richards (Adrenaline Rush)
  • Martin Nievera-Ogie Alcasid-Regine Velasquez-Erik Santos (#PAMORE)
  • KZ Tandingan (SUPREME)
Favorite TV host

The Favorite TV Host is the face of the any show that any audience get to enjoy watching whether on a weekday or on a weekend basis. Some might say that this is the easiest job in the industry, but one cannot make the viewers crave for more without the gab for words and the confidence to carry a show. With his or her charm and commendable skills, this host is truly a topnotch.
  • Boy Abunda (Tonight With Boy Abunda)
  • Vice Ganda (Gandang Gabi Vice)
  • Karla Estrada-Melai Cantiveros-Jolina Magdangal (Magandang Buhay)
  • Willie Revillame (Wowowin)
  • JoWaPao (Eat Bulaga – Sugod Bahay)
  • Eugene Domingo (Celebrity Bluff)
  • Robi Domingo-Kim Chiu (Star Hunt)
  • Luis Manzano (I Can See Your Voice)
Favorite Radio DJ
He is the person and the favorite voice on the radio waves. Despite the fact that they can only be heard, but some radio stations have already managed to combine audio-visual altogether like broadcasting on TV or on the Net—his or her intended audience can now see how he or she does his or her job. But that voice does not remain a voice but it has a great responsibility to create an impact as well.
  • Papa Jackson (Energy FM 106.7)
  • DJ Jhai Ho (MOR 101.9)
  • Papa Dudut (Barangay LS 97.1)
  • Nicole Hyala-Chris Tsuper (Love Radio 90.7)
  • DJ Chacha (MOR 101.9)
  • Slick Rick-Toni Tony-Sam YG (Magic 89.9)
  • Papa Obet (Barangay LS 97.1)
  • Kuya Chico (Energy FM 106.7)
News Personality of the Year (Female and Male)
  • Jessica Soho
  • Bernadette Sembrano
  • Vicky Morales
  • Kara David
  • Mel Tiangco
  • Korina Sanchez
  • Karen Davila
  • Gretchen Fullido

The chosen news personality female and male has done a great job in the field of journalism. He or she has weathered through all the issues thrown at him or her. Apart from that, he or she has showcased the passion and that brand of dedication and determination to deliver newsworthy and noteworthy stories to the public.
  • Noli de Castro
  • Atom Araullo
  • Ted Failon
  • Jeff Canoy
  • Migs Bustos
  • Julius Babao
  • Mike Enriquez
  • Ivan Mayrina

Digital Influencer of the Year
He or she mirrors the image of being the most sought-after online influencer as of today. With the rise of digital content creators, the competition immediately became tighter; but there’s only one who emerged and gained the trust of the Netizens. He or she plays a big role in advancing and being a responsible online user via social media platforms.

  • Lloyd Cadena
  • Alex Gonzaga
  • Ethel Booba
  • Kimpoy Feliciano
  • Alodia Gosiengfiao
  • JaMill
  • Wil Dasovich
  • Ranz Kyle-Niana

Breakthrough Artist of the Year
Not necessarily a newcomer, but he or she is an artist, a personality that rocked the entertainment scene with such a sterling performance and perhaps an achievement that impressed many. It is a matter of leaving a great impact on the Filipino audience to see what he or she can still offer, positively.

  • Tony Labrusca
  • Kyline Alcantara
  • Joao Constancia
  • Devon Seron,
  • Pia Wurtzbach
  • Nash Aguas
  • Gwen Zamora
  • Therese Malvar

Favorite Group
Aside from individual awards, this category recognizes the best group in the entertainment circuit has. There may be people who shine individually, but surely there is joy to watch a group that does such feat equally.

  • Hashtags
  • 4th Impact
  • TOP
  • MNL 48
  • JBK One Up
  • BoybandPH
  • Ex Battalion

The Advocate
The award recognizes the celebrity whose advocacy has made a difference in the community. That the efforts he or she has put in are not just mere publicity, but all for the good of humanity and leave and impart the people with that sense of humility and unity to support a particular cause.

  • Angel Locsin (Red Cross)
  • MayWard (ELM Tree Foundation)
  • Anne Curtis (UNICEF)
  • Catriona Gray (Young Focus)
  • Alden Richards (Habitat)
  • Kathryn Bernardo (Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation Philippines)
  • Pia Wurtzbach (UN AIDS)
  • Dingdong Dantes (YES Pinoy)


Bibo Award
The award clearly indicates being active or maybe the brightest child star the public has come to endear with. The recipient of the award has this innocence that can be described as ‘breath of fresh air’; he or she has shown dedication at work despite his or her young age.

  • Xia Vigor (The Kids Choice)
  • Baeby Baste (Eat Bulaga)
  • Chunsa Jung (Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids Edition)
  • Elia Ilano (Sana Dalawa Ang Puso)
  • Leanne Bautista (The Cure)
  • Yuan Francisco (Victor Magtanggol)
  • Justin James Quilantang (Playhouse)
  • Sofia Pablo (Onanay)

Favorite Bida
Bida means the lead—it can refer to either the star on a television show or in a film. The Favorite Bida is someone who gave a remarkable performance. Though being a protagonist back then are the victims and who allow the antagonist to just abuse him or her; today, the Bida knows how to fight and still earn the sympathy of the audience.

  • Coco Martin (FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano)
  • Kathryn Bernardo (La Luna Sangre)
  • Enrique Gil (Bagani)
  • Alden Richards (Victor Magtanggol)
  • Barbie Forteza (Inday Will Always Love You)
  • Erich Gonzales (The Blood Sisters)
  • Marian Rivera (Super Ma’am)
  • Bianca Umali (Kambal Karibal)

Favorite Kontrabida
Any Bida will not be as effective and convincing if his or her kontrabida fails to deliver. The said award is given to the antagonist who made the audience hate them because of the guts and he or she can steal the spotlight from the lead if given the chance. With many bankable artists turn into the villains they are now, one can only be hailed as the Ultimate Kontrabida.

  • Kyline Alcantara (Kambal Karibal)
  • Gladys Reyes (Inday Will Always Love You)
  • Jhong Hilario (FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano)
  • Ryan Eigenmann (Bagani)
  • Richard Gutierrez (La Luna Sangre)
  • Katrina Halili (The Stepdaughters)
  • John Estrada (Victor Magtanggol)
  • Gabby Eigenmann (Contessa)

Beshie ng Taon
In any story, he or she is the sidekick, the supporter who cheers for the Bida. Oftentimes, he or she is overlooked and taken for granted, but because of his or her contribution to tell and complete a story—he or she gives the lead a special support system and because of that—he or she deserves that recognition, too.

  • Zaijan Jaranilla (Bagani)
  • Pauline Mendoza (Kambal Karibal)
  • Joross Gamboa (La Luna Sangre)
  • Super Tekla (Inday Will Always Love You)
  • Darren Espanto (The How’s of Us)
  • Dion Ignacio (Victor Magtanggol)
  • Karla, MC, Lassy
  • Wacky Kiray (Gandarrapido)
  • Mark Neumann (I Love You Hater)

The Great Comeback
Stars are born, but not all are able to have that longevity in the industry. Seldom for those who shunned away from the limelight are given another chance to shine; there are a few or one who is able to reclaim his or her status as a celebrity. The said star may have been missed truly by his or her fans or the public as a whole and still able to score a smashing comeback.

  • JM de Guzman
  • Kristine Hermosa
  • Manolo Pedrosa
  • Aga Muhlach
  • Kylie Padilla
  • Jolo Revilla
  • Maricel Soriano
  • Mark Anthony Fernandez

Movie ng Taon
From September 2017 to September this year, movies have created abuzz not just because of its topnotch performance, its storytelling but it has somehow caught the attention both the moviegoers and the critics. Every year, the local and international film industry offer materials that created such a stir and even break box-office records as well.

  • The Hows of Us
  • Miss Granny
  • Sid & Aya
  • Liway
  • Signal Rock
  • Buy Bust
  • Never Not Love You
  • Loving in Tandem

Bet na Bet na Teleserye
Each year, the quality of our TV shows or series have become more competitive, innovative and impressive. Plots get deeper or crazier and the artists become better. Truly, these shows are testaments of how great Filipino artistry is.

  • FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano
  • Inday Will Always Love You
  • The Blood Sisters
  • The Good Son
  • La Luna Sangre
  • Bagani
  • Ika-6 Na Utos
  • Kambal Karibal

Hugot Song of the Year
Songs reflect the heart and the soul of an artist and it affects the listeners. This is a song that made the public define a particular emotion—it can be joy, sorrow or pain. That song is something that most people have that LSS or last song syndrome or can be an anthem for the whole year round.

  • Tagpuan by Moira dela Torre (Kasal)
  • Nadarang by Shanti Dope
  • Di na Muli by Janine Tenoso (Sid & Aya)
  • Isa Pang Araw by Sarah Geronimo (Miss Granny)
  • Sana by Marion Aunor (Never Not Love You)
  • Mundo by IV of Spades
  • Lumang Tugtugin by Inigo Pascual
  • Right There by James Reid

Pak na Pak na Comedian
Most people say that doing drama or action or engaging in a sexy act is difficult to attain, however, making people laugh is even a hard task. Laughter is one of the best medicines there is and someone has to have that timing and the knack of throwing the right jokes and still enjoy the humor.

  • Vice Ganda
  • Angelica Panganiban
  • Michael V.
  • Super Tekla
  • Vhong Navarro
  • Paolo Ballesteros
  • Maine Mendoza
  • Karla Estrada

Favorite Newbie
Spotlighting the freshest face[s] or maybe those who just ventured into the entertainment circuit is one of the most exciting parts in this award-body. He or she has impressed the public or the eyes of scrutinizing critics. Though new, the star has made a good mark and was given that stamp of approval and predicted to have a promising future in the industry.

  • Jacque 'Ate Girl' Gonzaga
  • Janine Berdin
  • Juliana Parizcova Segovia
  • Charlie Dizon
  • Donny Pangilinan
  • Shanti Dope
  • Angelina Cruz
  • Pauline Mendoza


Fan Club of the Year
Fans are the most precious people, celebrities could have. They are the real reason why a star is born and continue to make it big because of their support. They devote time and effort for their idols, but only the responsible ones last.

  • Popsters
  • Darrenatics
  • KathNiel
  • MayWard
  • JaDine
  • LizQuen
  • Kapuso Brigade
  • DonKiss

TV Station of the Year
The way to success is steep, even the roads going there is rough and bumpy at times. Competitions between stations will forever be fierce; each one trying to outwit, outdone any efforts or initiatives for the ratings’ sake. But at the end of the day, only the one who succeeded in impressing the public with an outstanding branding, quality of output, good public relations and even better service do matter the most.

  • PTV4
  • TV5
  • GMA Network
  • CNN Philippines
  • UNTV
  • ABS-CBN Sports+Action
  • GMA News TV

Radio Station of the Year
Even if the digital platform may have somehow overtaken the radio, still the industry refuses to bend but continue to innovate and strive to put up a good fight and be updated or still stay significant over the years. Nothing beats the spontaneity of listening to the radio. Whether inside the office or at the comfort of your own room or even driving or even walking, radio is still and will always stay as a good companion.

  • MOR 101.9
  • Love Radio 90.7
  • YES FM
  • DWRX Monster Radio 93.1 5
  • DZMM 630
  • Barangay LS 97.1
  • DZBB
  • News FM 92.3

The award seeks to recognize local talents in the entertainment industry, build stronger ties with relevant and like-minded partners, and utilize this as a venue to express’s gratitude to everyone who supported the site since its first time to go online.

#RAWRawards2018 would not be made possible without the support of its partners—PLDT Smart and Le Rêve as well as special thanks to the following Lalamove Philippines, Home Credit Philippines, Brother Philippines, CAT PR, Voyager Innovations, CID Communication, Jollibee, Mode Devi, Starbucks Philippines, Akrotiri, Copperazo, Fuentes Manila, and DOJO PR.

To vote for the nominees in their respective categories, log on to  Voting is ongoing and will end on November 4, 11:59PM.

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