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Ricoh Philippines encourages Pinoys to think and act for the environment

“Since the world is inevitably consuming environmental resources, it is our duty to give back to nature by taking care of it. As part of a company that follows an environmental management program, we always take into consideration the environmental aspects and impacts of our operations.” ~Aida Ortega, Performance Excellence and Sustainability Officer at Ricoh Philippines

Ricoh Global Eco Action
Established in 2006, the Ricoh Global Eco Action program aims to enhance eco-awareness and improve the quality of environmental management. This year, Ricoh puts the focus on sustainable goals with the theme “Think and Act – as you are.”
“At Ricoh, we conduct business not only after profitability but also in consideration of the glaring relevant social issues that we face. We’re very hopeful that this year’s Global Eco Action activities and our Scholastical Recognition & Awards will continue to educate not only our employees but also our consumers, and ultimately motivate them to think and act for the environment.” ~Eric Sulit, Ricoh Philippines, Inc. President and CEO
Following the growing social global movement for sustainable development, industry leader Ricoh Philippines encourages Filipinos to think and act for the future of the environment through its Global Eco Action program.

Ricoh Global Eco Action logo
To kick off this year’s Global Eco Action, Ricoh Philippines recently led a whole day of biodiversity tour and tree-planting activities in La Mesa Ecopark in Quezon City that showcased the importance of nature and the need to take care of it. Participants included Ricoh employees, their children, and other volunteers. 
“I’m extremely delighted to be a part of a company that also puts into consideration our environment for the greater good.” ~Jeanette Barawid, Ricoh Philippines Employee
Aside from the environmental day in La Mesa, Ricoh Philippines will also hold outreach activities in various communities. Ricoh is also in coordination with several NGOs to implement programs with the goal of elevating environmental awareness and consciousness. 

Also part of the activities is the company’s 10th Scholastical Recognition & Awards in which Ricoh Philippines provide support by way of monetary compensation and other school materials to a number of deserving students and young academic achievers.

To know more about the environmental programs of Ricoh Philippines and to explore opportunities to help in taking care of nature, please visit www.ricoh.com.ph or follow www.facebook.com/RICOHPHILS.

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