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The Sandy Project Marks 5th Year as Dengue Awareness Advocate with Fundraising Activity

“More and more it’s becoming clear to me that my advocacy, and how it started, I’m really in the right direction, because of the relevance and importance of keeping the children aware of dengue and teaching them how to take care of themselves, which leads to the prevention part.” ~Atty. Ma. Louella “Peaches” Aranas

As it marks its fifth year now, this advocacy that has been teaching school-age children on the dangers of dengue and how best to protect themselves from it will be holding a fundraising activity this February 12, 2018, at the Green Sun building in Makati City.

With dengue concerns rampant for many years now, it is deemed important to raise awareness from this mosquito-borne disease. One of the worthwhile advocacy we have in the country now concerning dengue-awareness is The Sandy Project.

The project named after the daughter of Lawyer Ma. Louella “Peaches” Aranas started the advocacy in 2013 after her daughter Sandy succumbed to dengue when she was 10 years old. For this fundraising, her group is looking for benefactors who will help with this project to reach at least 5,000 school kids for 2018.

Dengue is on the front page since last year when scandal relating to the controversial vaccine and immunization program launched by the government resulted from the deaths of several children who undergo the vaccination and immunization program. Atty. Aranas is convinced that the Sandy Project is on the right track and this February, its 5th year of advocacy, they will hold the “Night of Thanksgiving and Charitable Giving” event.

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The dengue awareness and prevention campaign advocacy focus on the children as the target audience. Atty. Aranas, a successful tax lawyer running her own LMA Law firm, has been largely self-funding this project. In previous years, the project has reached 300 children in Quezon City and Bacolod City.

In this time of fear, we need to be conscientious enough and help in the awareness and prevention of this disease. For more information on The Sandy Project and its fifth-year activity next month, you can visit

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