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At Gruenheim you will never stop learning

“After two challenging years of being unable to meet our goals, we felt that this would be a good time to undergo these learning sessions. It’s like refresher courses that will help you jumpstart your path to selling success.” ~Mike Gamez, President and Corporate Secretary of Gruenheim Philippines

Even if you have been in the business of selling since you graduated from college, there will always be something new for you to learn. You may have to learn new selling strategies or a new product to sell or how to improve your sales presentation. 
With this in mind, Gruenheim Philippines conducted a training seminar for its sales personnel with the objective of not only enhancing their sales skills and leadership. The goal was also to make sure that the team would be able to effectively communicate Gruenheim’s advocacies with regard to their products. 
Gruenheim GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 2014 and is based in Stuttgart, Germany and is a subsidiary of Luckner & Lahusen Group GmbH & Co. KG. It is a young and fresh trademark of high-end ecological, innovative and premium home appliances. It stands for products that combine functional, timeless and puristic design with impressive technical innovations. Gruenheim products are sold worldwide exclusively by authorized Gruenheim wholesalers.
Titled “Breakthrough in 2022 -- Culture. Nurture. Future: Doing Breakthrough Business the Gruenheim Way,” Andreas Luckner, CEO (Marketing and Sales), flew in all the way from Germany to share his learnings and to support the efforts of Mike and Andrea Gamez, President and Corporate Secretary of Gruenheim Philippines.
Facilitated by Al Ian Barcelona and Ruben Lanot, participants underwent high-impact learning sessions on personal mastery, sales leadership, NLP communication skills, effective habits of sales champions, business strategic planning and team building.

Gruenheim Philippines also donated to Caritas Manila the home appliances from their clients that they trade in for Gruenheim machines. This is one of their little ways to give back to the community.
For more information about Gruenheim Vacuum Cleaner and other products, call 0917 5984968 or email gruenheimph@gmail.com.

Gruenheim Philippines Inc. is a direct importer and distributor of GRUENHEIM HOME APPLIANCES from Germany, a line of high-end, ecological, innovative and premium home appliances. It is a direct sales marketing company aimed at promoting and distributing GRUENHEIM products in the Philippines.

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