Lunes, Disyembre 27, 2021

LifeWave Helps Showcase Modern Approach to Wellness

In much of the world, the idea of wellness has long been roughly the same as the concept of being free from illness. While this is certainly a key component of being well, the modern reimagining of wellness has developed past this point, to an interpretation that takes a more holistic idea of wellbeing into account. 

With this framework in mind, the CEO developed the line of wellness products for which his company has become known — its phototherapy patches. These topically applied patches utilize the power of specific wavelengths of light to reflect energy into a user’s body. Depending on the placement and design of the patch, each one can have different wellness benefits. For instance, the first patch designed by the company, the Energy Enhancer Patch, was created to help promote energy levels and increase a user’s stamina. They’ve also found great success in helping athletes achieve personal bests in competition.

Company background
To better understand the ways in which the company operates, it’s helpful to first look at its history to see how it came about. LifeWave was founded in 2004 by CEO David Schmidt. At that time, the CEO had already made a name for himself through more than 30 years of work in the field of business and development. With an undergraduate degree in Management Information Systems and Biology from Pace University, he spent much of his early professional life pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors in the fields of manufacturing and product development. 

Schmidt’s efforts in this area included work to design new ways to synthesize elements, a concept for a bladeless turbine, and even a combustion rocket engine. Based on the strength of these ideas he was invited to work on the Navy’s next generation of mini-subs. David’s work on this project centered around the goal of helping service members maintain high levels of energy without the need for stimulants or other chemicals. In this pursuit, he was motivated by finding a method that was effective but didn’t come with unwanted side effects or negative health consequences.

Fighting aging
A decline in wellness is not caused solely by disease or other conditions, it can also be the natural result of aging. While aging is, of course, a normal part of life, there’s plenty of interest these days going towards how we can help to mitigate the negative aspects of the process. As many people are living longer, they’re looking for ways to increase the longevity of their wellness rather than just their overall age.

To address this issue, LifeWave has conducted innovative research into an area of aging that has fascinated scientists for decades — stem cells. As our normal cells age, they can be replaced via the use of stem cells, however, stem cells become less active over time, causing many of the issues we associate with aging. 
The wellness company has worked to address this shortfall in modern wellness through the invention of its X39 patch. This patch works to activate the body’s existing stem cells and help improve processes such as wound healing, skin regeneration, and more. It not only represents a huge leap forward for anti-aging research, but it also shows how the company is keeping at the forefront of the modern wellness movement. 

LifeWave is here to help people feel better, look younger, and lead more joyful lives through wellness products that tap into the body’s natural energy and resiliency, and through business opportunities that inspire personal and professional fulfillment. Visit or call us at +632-85409558 for more information about our phototherapy patches.

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