Lunes, Nobyembre 11, 2019

7 things you can do with your family to enjoy the rainy season

Don’t miss out on the fun because Povidone-Iodine (BETADINE®) has got your back!
It’s raining, it’s pouring, and #walangpasok is trending. While it may seem like a good time to lounge around, binge a movie or two, and bundle up with a piping hot cup of cocoa, it's also a perfect opportunity to enjoy fun activities with your family.

We’ve put together a list of activities that you and your family can do on lazy, rainy days!

1. Start on a Rainy Day Project
Whether it’s installing new bedroom wallpapers or creating DIY organizers with your kids, this activity will give you and your tiny tots a sense of pride and fulfillment once they complete the task.

2. Build an indoor campsite
What’s better than bundling up under a blanket? Well, building a teepee out of blankets and pillow, that’s what! Create lasting memories with the kiddos by playing with them under this makeshift tent, you can spend time doing board games or just reading bedtime stories to them!

3. Cook their favorite rainy-day dish
If you’re looking to pass the time, why not create something delicious in the process? Create more memories in your kitchen by letting your whole family help you cook their favorite rainy-day comfort food. Chop, chop!

4. Do Zumba together
Wondering what you can do to combat the chills brought by the rain? Well, consider sweating it out in a Zumba sesh with the kiddos.

5. Map out your home and do some treasure hunting
Bring out their inner Indiana Jones or Dora the Explorer with a little treasure hunt! Nothing could be more exciting than hiding things in your home, making clues, and seeing them decode it to find the treasures!

6. Organize their closets
Practice the KonMari method and start to declutter your home with the young ones, beginning with their closets! Teach them the importance of gratitude and letting their things go, especially when they are not using them anymore.

7. Let them go out and enjoy the rain!
Kids are so full of energy and when it’s pouring rain, it might be best to let them out to have fun. Don’t worry because you can still give them the protection they need by using upper respiratory care products that are proven safe and effective for use inside and outside our homes.

Don’t let the rainy days stop you and your family from doing the things you enjoy! Rain or shine, you need to have a trusted companion in keeping your family healthy. Now that the rainy season is here, help prevent cold and flu-like symptoms from getting worse by using one of the leading and most trusted antiseptic brands of Povidone-Iodine in the country that is BETADINE®1,2,3. It has a whole line of upper respiratory care products that are clinically proven to be safe and effective including Povidone-Iodine (BETADINE®) Gargle and Mouthwash which has been proven to kill various types of cold viruses in as early as 15 seconds4 and is perfect for use at home; Povidone-Iodine (BETADINE®) Throat Spray, your an on-the-go buddy that has the same efficacy as the gargle; and, Povidone-Iodine (BETADINE®) Cold Defense Nasal Spray which can reduce symptoms of a cold by up to two days5 when used at the first sign of colds and keep the virus from spreading further and worsening. These products are effective not just in killing viruses but also bacteria and fungi

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