Biyernes, Hulyo 26, 2019

TPB gears up for global competitiveness

To achieve its global competitiveness goal and attract more travelers, visitors, and investors, the Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) Philippines, the marketing arm of the Department of Tourism (DOT), is conducting a series of Tourism Marketing Educational Seminars among participants from DOT Regional Offices and local government units (LGUs), which kicked off in Batangas City this June, and will go to Cebu and Butuan in August.

The seminars will focus on skills training and upgrading competency level through workshops, case studies and collaborative research projects. This intends to boost the employment rate, improve income opportunities and subsequently increase tourism arrivals and receipts.

Moreover, the seminar-workshop is expected to empower LGU’s tourism officers with greater knowledge to initiate and oversee successful tourism marketing strategies that can significantly contribute to the country’s economic and social development. 

TPB will also discuss relevant issues affecting the tourism industry that may impact the market and provide an opportunity to enhance performance and decision-making skills.

The seminars, which anticipates approximately 60 participants per run is part of TPB's initiative to support the National Tourism Development Plan (NTDP) 2016-2022, aiming to build and upscale the implementation of tourism programs to deliver a more competitive, sustainable and inclusive tourism sector.

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