Lunes, Abril 15, 2019

What makes a lady? By Glaiza de Castro!

“One of my ancestors from my father’s side was part of the Katipunan but more on the music and arts side. When I found out about it, everything suddenly clicked. I like exploring, not only in my roles and my travels, but also with my hair and makeup. I like seeing different sides of me. People sometimes misinterpret me, especially since I’m not good at masking my emotions. But I’ve been in this industry more than half of my life and I’ve learned to ignore criticisms that won’t help me grow as a person. It takes a lot of guts, the right principle and mindset para sabihin mo sa sarili mo na, ‘ah bahala kayo gagawin ko ‘to kasi alam ko eto yung tama.’ Those are the women that I really admire.” ~Glaiza de Castro, Actress/Ever Bilena Endorser
Glaiza de Castro gives us lady lessons
Actress Glaiza de Castro was specially chosen to be Ever Bilena's brand’s newest endorser because of her fiery personality. Ever Bilena Advance, the premium line of the country’s leading cosmetics brand Ever Bilena. She recently discovered that the blood of a Katipunero runs in her veins. Glaiza admits her desire to stand out in the entertainment industry has earned both praise and criticism from the public. 
“She speaks her mind. She takes on very challenging roles. She’s for women’s rights. And with the brand being more vocal about this direction, we wanted someone who is an embodiment of that.” ~EB Advance brand manager Creole David
A powerful viewpoint that fits perfectly with the message of EB Advance’s newest digital campaign featuring Glaiza de Castro:

In the video, a narrator gives “lady lessons,” enumerating each:
“One: Sit properly. Two: Be dainty. Three: Do as you’re told. Four: be modest about your looks. Five: Express yourself but not too much.”
Meanwhile, a montage of Glaiza can be seen defying each lesson. The video ends with, “What makes a lady? Absolutely anything.”

The video also featured EB Advance products such as EB Advance Lip Define Matte Matic Lipstick, EB Advance Uncover 2 Palette, EB Advance Lash Define, EB Advance Glow Out Highlighter, and EB Advance LTD Liquid Lipstick, which was used to highlight the actress' striking features.

As Glaiza, a modern Filipina, explores more makeup product choices, the campaign gives a sneak peek of new products to be anticipated from EB Advance: EB Advance Eyeconic Eyeshadow, a six-pan eyeshadow palette designed to create multiple day to night looks; and EB Advance BB Stick Foundation, a medium, buildable to full, coverage stick base with a matte finish.

With the help of EB Advance, Glaiza believes that women are slowly learning to set their own rules and are re-defining how to be a modern-day woman.

To learn more about EB Advance, its products and endorsers, visit Ever Bilena’s website,, Facebook page,, and Instagram

What really matters for her is to encourage women to be more fearless in expressing their individuality. 

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