Lunes, Enero 14, 2019

Showing the way in digital dentistry in PH

“For dentists, this innovation enables easy access to immediate and more detailed information. It allows the delivery of accurate and efficient results for increased patient satisfaction.” ~Dr. Steve Mark Gan, GAOC President, and Chief Executive Officer
Gan Advanced Osseointegration Center (GAOC), the Philippines leading group of dental clinics and one of the best in Southeast Asia, introduces another innovation in the country - digital dentistry. 

With digital dentistry, dental surgeries and work in laboratories are further streamlined and improved for higher quality patient care and more aesthetically pleasing results. Patient experience is more comfortable and convenient than before.

Now the preferred system in countries like Germany, Switzerland, England, United States, Japan, and Thailand, digital dentistry involves the use of technologies, machines, equipment and devices that incorporate digital or computer-controlled components for dental procedures.

Among the dental procedures being digitized at GAOC’s 10 clinics are computer-assisted design (CAD/CAM) that enables dental restorations; prosthodontics; oral surgeries and dental implants; radiographs and orthodontics, including digital x-ray and intra-oral camera for accurate teeth and supporting structure imaging; laser gum recontouring and periodontics; and dental lasers.

To prepare for the full implementation of digital dentistry, GAOC dentists undergo various specialized training and seminars abroad, all made possible through partnerships with entities like Straumann, Zirkonzahn, and 3Shape.

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Aside from the use of state-of-the-art technology, GAOC takes pride in its professional and caring dentists who possess the unique GAOC touch. The dental professionals undergo continuous and extensive training here and abroad to further their knowledge of the latest trends and developments in the field of dentistry.

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