Miyerkules, Marso 21, 2018

Playtime with Jollibee’s Pokémon Battle Squad

Jollibee’s Pokémon Battle Squad includes new additions, Rockruff, Alolan Vulpix, Togedemaru, Bounsweet and brings back Pikachu with some fun, new features. These toys are Poké-battle ready with lots of cool tricks that will surely thrill children to play with their fellow jolly kids.

Kids can have an action-packed playtime as they imagine training their very own Pokémon for exciting battles with Jollibee’s Pokémon Battle Squad that comes with every Jolly Kiddie Meal.   

With just the pull of a ripcord, Pikachu can spin ultrafast to deflect attacks. After designing Rockruff’s paws with stickers, simply push a button on its stomach to watch this cute rock-type canine get into battle position as it wiggles and wriggles its ears and tail. 

Kids can imagine the pretty, ice-type Alolan Vulpix, conjuring up some snow by moving its tail up and down while its head turns from side to side. The adorable Togedemaru lights up from a strong electric surge with just a press of its head.  While the darling grass Pokémon, Bounsweet’s leaves turn into razor weapons that move up and down with the press of its stem.     

Collect these awesome treats with every purchase of a Jolly Kiddie Meal: Jolly Spaghetti Meal at P99, Yum Burger Meal at P94 or Chickenjoy Meal at P125, each with its own Jolly Joy Box.  

Get started on completing your own Jollibee Pokémon Battle Squad, available from March 1 – March 31. Head over to your nearest Jollibee branch and be sure to catch ‘em all!

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