Linggo, Hulyo 9, 2017

Coca-Cola train ride refreshes at LRT-1 Central Station

“As a global company, Coca-Cola has always been at the forefront of innovation – may it be through the new products we introduce in the market up to the ways we connect with people, particularly teens, every day.  We are excited to have partnered with the Light Rail Manila Corporation in refreshing and reinventing the train ride experience of millions of Filipinos. We look forward to making the commute more fun and colorful for everyone here at Central Station.” ~Stephan Czypionka, Coca-Cola Philippines Vice President for Marketing

Consistent with their history as the industry trailblazer, Coca-Cola is once again leading efforts to find new and innovative ways to refresh everyday life in Metro Manila. 

Improvements at the Light Rail Transit Line 1 (LRT-1) continue to provide over 500,000 daily commuters with a refreshing experience. The waiting time has been significantly cut short, queues have diminished, and the train rides become faster. 
“Working and partnering with government is in the DNA of Coca-Cola. We have this term called ‘golden triangle’ wherein we emphasize on the need to partner with government and civic society to effect positive change. This project is more than just a marketing strategy. This is our way of helping provide a better commute for the passengers. We believe that whatever good you do to the community, is good for the business.” ~Atty. Adel Tamano, Coca-Cola Philippines Vice President for Public Affairs and Communications
The latest innovation brings the refreshing experience on a whole new level – the entire LRT-1 Central Station has been transformed into an experiential space by Coca-Cola. The various artwork, decals, and graphics provide a fresh and hip feel to an otherwise dreary train ride. The splash of red gives the Central Station and the train ride a jolt of excitement.
“This station domination initiative involves private companies contributing to LRMC’s ongoing efforts to improve the structure and facilities of all LRT-1 stations. Coca-Cola is the first partner in this program. We are excited about the initiatives that Coca-Cola will bring to the Central Station in helping to better facilitate the riding experience of our passengers.” ~Rogelio Singson, LRMC president and CEO
The posts supporting the elevated railway system have been painted in the trademark red color and the iconic bottles of the beverage company. Steps leading to the main ticket and station entrance have also transformed with the colorful graphics of Coca-Cola, while more improvements will be added in the coming months.

Coca-Cola Philippines is the first to partner with LRT-1 operator Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC) for the station rehabilitation program. Under the program, the LRMC can access other income sources that would help them improve the train system that spans 20 kilometers from Roosevelt Station in Quezon City to Baclaran Station in Paranaque City.

Aside from taking over the aesthetics of the Central Station, it will also become a platform for other fun surprising activities for the commuters.  

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