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Jollibee challenges World Hip Hop 2016 champions to a dance off

Since it was uploaded last June 20 in Jollibee’s official Facebook page, the video has already garnered more than 3 million views and over 50,000 shares. It has also spawned a lot of reaction videos from international vloggers like HugKnuckles and Adobo Sandwich.

Catch the epic showdown between the UPeepz and Jollibee dance crew. The video is available on Jollibee Philippines YouTube channel, and can easily be viewed through its official hashtags: #JolliDanceShowdown and #JollibeexUPeepz.

But with their name on the line and their stomachs craving for langhap-sarap treats, UPeepz accepted the challenge! Talk about the start of something big! When UPeepz coach Chips Beltran twitted about his excitement for a project, he never expected to catch the attention of Jollibee.

No stranger to challenges
Since 2011, the dance crew has been topping local and global dance competitions, including Hip Hop International Philippines, World Supremacy Battlegrounds Championship, and the World Hip Hop Dance Championship, known as the “Olympics of Hip Hop Dance”.

The third installment of the JolliDance Showdown series shows the UPeepz crew dancing in sync and owning the dance floor. In true old school dance showdown fashion, Jollibee appears bringing his own squad—Twirlie, Hetty, Yum, and Popo—to challenge the world champions.

Epic old-school showdown
To the tune of 80s song “It’s Tricky”, both teams take turns in outdoing the dance moves of the other, never giving up a single inch of the dance floor. Yet towards the end, UPeepz shares the stage with Jollibee and friends in one exciting dance finale that will surely have viewers strutting to the moves as well.

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